Using a Pay-easy ATM [Japan Domestic Flights]

After making a reservation, make a payment with your cash card or cash at a Pay-easy ATM of a financial institution.

Notes on Usage

・A receipt can be obtained at the Self Service Check-in machine.
Payments made by anyone other than the passenger are also accepted.

1. Ticket reservations made at the ANA Website

If you made your reservation online, select "Use Pay-easy."The Internet screen will display exactly what information to be entered at a Pay-easy terminal.It would be useful to have this screen printed out and bring it with you to the ATM location.

2. Making a payment using a bank/Japan Post Bank ATM

Follow the instructions on the screen of a Pay-easy compatible ATM *2 of Mizuho Bank* /Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation*/MUFG Bank* /Resona Bank *1/Japan Post Bank.

*You are about to jump to a non-ANA website.The personal information protection policies and terms of use of the target site apply.
*1 If you made payment at Resona bank for a reservation that includes both ANA Mileage Club members and non-ANA Mileage Club members, you cannot use the SKiP service.
*2 For details on the accepting ATM locations and processing fees, please check with the applicable financial institution prior to using this service.

3. Day of boarding

To board the plane, you must present your ANA Mileage Club card, or the confirmation number and the reservation number.Please have either of the information ready when arriving at the airport.
Please see the " SKiP Service" for details of the boarding process.

Making a payment to a bank using a Pay-easy ATM

  • ◇How to apply
    • Pay-easy compatible ATMs of Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank, Resona Bank or Japan Post Bank
  • ◇Applicable period
    • On the day of boarding (by at least 20 minutes prior to your departure) after making the reservation
    • * Please note that the reservation period and ticket payment period may be restricted in some cases depending on fare types.
  • ◇Changes after payment
    • Changes can be made at ANA Website or by phone.
  • ◇Cancellation
    • ・ You can cancel the payment online via "Cancel" or at ANA by phone.The payment will be refunded to the specified account. (A bank transfer fee for refund, if any, is the customer's responsibility.)
    • Specified processing fees (refund fee and cancellation fee) will be charged for refund.
  • ◇Other
    • ・This service may not be available with some fares, such as Premium ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare and ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare.
    • ・Transactions of more than JPY 100,000 in cash cannot be processed.