ANA SKY COINS Payment [International Flights]

After miles have been converted to ANA SKY COINS, they can be used immediately for payments online.
Please see Using your miles - ANA SKY COINS for more information.

Usage Guidelines

ANA SKY COINS may be used by an ANA Mileage Club member to make reservations for oneself or an immediate family member of an ANA Mileage Club member who has completed an Award User Registration.

1. Ticket reservations made at the ANA Website

Once you have selected your desired flight, please specify a payment method (ANA SKY COINS) for your flight ticket(s).
Please enter your ANA SKY COINS amount to be used.
A credit card can be used to complete the remaining balance of payment when the number of ANA SKY COINS is insufficient for the entire amount (cash payment is not accepted).

  • * ANA SKY COINS can only be used for reservations with ANA flight numbers, including code share flights (They cannot be used for payment towards reservations with flights operated by other airlines.)
  • * If you have ANA SKY COINS, log in to the ANA Website using your ANA Mileage Club number and proceed.

2. An "e-Ticket itinerary receipt" will be sent as an e-mail attachment (PDF).

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a "Your e-Ticket Passenger Receipt (Itinerary)." Please make sure you print these out and bring them with you to the airport.

Please note

  • ・To use ANA SKY COINS to pay for a reservation for a family member, log in using the Member No. of the person whose miles have been converted into ANA SKY COINS, find and confirm the reservation, and proceed with the purchase.
  • ・Even if a reservation includes more than one passenger, the ANA SKY COINS of only one Mileage Club member may be used toward the reservation.Passenger who want to use their own ANA SKY COINS must make their reservations separately.
  • ・You may be asked to present the credit card used to make your ticket purchase at the time of check-in.If you are unable to present the card, you may be denied boarding for your reserved flight.
  • ・We may call to confirm the identity of the credit card holder if the name of the credit card holder and the passenger are different.
  • ・A set fee will be charged for changes and cancellations made after an application has been confirmed.• Reservations cannot be changed to other carriers.
  • ・For information regarding receipt issuing, refer to Receipts [International Flights].
  • ・Reservations made or changed over the phone with ANA representatives or at counters cannot be paid for on the ANA website.