Payment at LAWSON, MINISTOP, FamilyMart, and Seicomart [International Flights]

Print out your reservation ticket from the multimedia terminal installed in the convenience store and pay at the register.

Usage Guidelines

1. Ticket reservations made at the ANA Website

Once you have selected your desired flight, please specify a payment method (payment at convenience store) for your flight ticket(s).
Once you have confirmed that your booking summary and the payment amount are correct, complete the procedure.

2. Payment (Using the Store's Multimedia Terminal)

Follow the on-screen instructions on the convenience store multimedia terminal on how to print out your application coupon.
After completing the on-screen instructions and obtaining the application coupon, take it to the register and make the payment within 30 minutes of receiving the application coupon.

*When making a payment at Seicomart, obtain your payment slip from the convenience store multimedia terminal (Club Station), and then take it to the counter.

3. An "e-Ticket itinerary receipt" will be sent as an e-mail attachment (PDF).

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive "Your e-Ticket Passenger Receipt (Itinerary)." Please make sure you print these out and bring them with you to the airport.

Please note

  • ・ Payment at convenience store is not available on code-share flights operated by affiliated airline companies or itineraries that include other airline companies flight names.
  • ・There is an application period, so payment at convenience store may not be available depending on the itinerary.
  • • A set fee will be charged for changes and cancellations made after an application has been confirmed.A transfer fee may also be charged depending on the payment method.
  • • Payment cannot be made by "Rakuten Edy".Please pay by cash.
  • • The customer will be responsible for any transfer fees arising from a refund. For verification purposes, you may also be asked to show official identification.See Cancellations/Refunds for details.
  • ・You will be issued a receipt upon payment at the convenience store.(ANA will not issue receipts.)
  • ・Reservations made or changed over the phone with ANA representatives or at counters cannot be paid for on the ANA Website.