PayPal Payment [International Flights]

The service enables you to pay for your flight ticket via the PayPal online payment service. 

Usage Guidelines

Please use your PayPal* account to pay for your flight ticket.

Setting up a PayPal account couldn't be easier. Simply select PayPal for the payment method and complete the required fields.
*After this point, you will be redirected to a non-ANA website. The privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of that website will then apply. 

1. Ticket reservations made at the ANA Website

After choosing your preferred flight, select PayPal as the payment method for your flight ticket. 
Confirm the reservation details and price, and then complete the necessary procedures. 

2. Payment

After selecting the payment method, press the Purchase button to be redirected to the PayPal website. Complete the payment procedures on the PayPal website.
After your payment has been successfully processed, your ticket will be issued. Please wait until you are taken back to the ANA website. It will take some time for the screen to change, so please wait and do not use the back button on your browser or close this window.

3. An "e-Ticket itinerary receipt" will be sent as an e-mail attachment (PDF).

An e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be emailed to you after payment. Print out a copy and bring it to the airport with you.


  • ・A receipt will not be emailed to you upon completing your purchase. For information on issuing receipts, please see Receipts [International Flights].
  • ・Payment services will not be available via the ANA website for reservations that are made or changed through ANA by telephone or at a counter.
  • ・The upper limit for PayPal payments is JPY 1,000,000.