Seat Reservations

You can easily and conveniently make your seat reservations at the same time as your reservation by booking online.

To Seat Reservation

You can select your seat(s) using the seat map provided during booking on the ANA website.
Note, however, that from 3 days prior to (and including) your boarding date, you will need to purchase your ticket before you can specify your seats.

Seat Reservation Details

Advance Seat Reservation Ranges

The range of seats which can be reserved in advance varies depending on the fare type.

  • Fare Example Image

Advance Seat Reservation Start Dates

The times at which advance seat reservations can be made depend on the applicable fare type.

  • Example: Departure on November 3 at 7:00 AM.For one-way/round-trip fares, etc.Seating options added at 12:00 PM two days prior to the departure date.For Tokuwari / Tabiwari fares, etc.Seating options added at 12:00 AM the day prior to the departure date.
  • *For ANA Card (with Credit Card Functionality) Members, seating options are added at the same time as they are for non-member customers who have reserved ANA FLEX, regardless of the fare selected.

[For ANA Premium Members]
You can reserve seats in advance in accordance with your ANA Premium Member status.For details, please see "ANA Premium Members Services."


For passengers who need assistance

Passengers who require assistance, including passengers with wheelchairs, should read the Information for Customers with Disabilities.

Limitation of Advance Seat Assignment

The number of seats which can be reserved in advance is restricted in order to ensure seating is available for passengers with special needs and to manage the balance of the aircraft (in particular, Q4A, Q82, CR7 aircraft do not have very many seats and may require balance management depending on the number of passengers boarding).If you are unable to reserve seats in advance, please make your seat reservations at the airport on the day of departure.

  • *Advance seat reservations can be made online until 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • *Please note that your assigned seat may change due to aircraft changes or other reasons beyond ANA's control.
  • *You can make seat reservations for reservations made via ANA's travel website by navigating to "Confirm Reservation" under the "Tour" tab on the homepage.Reservations made via "Seat Reservation or Changes" will not be shown when you confirm your reservation via the Tour tab.
  • *Passengers accompanied by infants cannot sit in an emergency exit row seat for safety reasons.Additionally, passengers traveling with an infant may not be seated in the same seat row as another passenger traveling with an infant due to limited oxygen mask availability.If there is more than one passenger traveling with an infant, please assign seats in a different row or a section across from the aisle.Please hold your infant in your designated seat.
  • *Only passengers that satisfy all of the following requirements may sit in emergency exit row seats.Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats will be asked to assist during an emergency evacuation in accordance with the instructions of flight attendants.Thank you for your understanding.Passengers who do not meet all the conditions above may be asked to change their seats.

【Passengers permitted to sit in emergency exit row seats】

  1. Persons 15 years of age or older
  2. Persons not accompanied by a child under 8 years old
  3. Persons who do not require the assistance of an escort or staff at the time of boarding
  4. Persons who are not required to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation
  5. Persons capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, including opening or closing of aircraft doors
  6. Persons who can understand evacuation procedures and the crew's instructions, and verbally convey such information to other passengers
  7. Persons who can communicate in Japanese or English