Using the ANA Website for the First Time

By using ANA Website, you can easily prepare for your trip, from making a reservation and a payment to checking in!
Please try using the convenient functions.

Flight reservation

It's easy to use! Make a reservation comfortably using a screen that provides you with the information you need at a glance.

Enter the departure date and sector and click (Search) on the top page. A list of seat availability with fares will be displayed. To complete your reservation, all you need to do is to click the button for an available seat, and enter your name and contact information.

Payment/Seat Request

Making a payment online is easy. It's also convenient as you can reserve your seat as well.

Before Going to the Airport

Obtain information you need on ANA Website prior to departure!

Please check the flight status on the day of departure, receive emails with the boarding gate information and departure time change alerts, and use other convenient services.

AMC Members

You can request to be waitlisted or take advantage of other more convenient reservation functions. Please enroll.