Open Ticket (OPEN) [Domestic Flights]

"I don't have the return schedule set, but would like to purchase a ticket now..." If that is the case, an Open Ticket would be perfect for you.

What is an Open Ticket?

An Open Ticket can be purchased by specifying only the boarding sectors, but not reserving the flights.
It can be used when you wish to take advantage of a discount that applies when purchasing a certain itinerary, such as a Flex Roundtrip Fare or Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder, at once, but you do not yet have the date for a sector(s) of that itinerary set.
A reservation can be made at any time as long as the ticket has not expired.

Notes on Using the Ticket

  • ・The Ticket can be used only with the fares that allow reservation changes (and do not apply to Basic Fare and other non-changeable fares).
  • If your purchased open ticket information is different from your reservation information, you must use the ANA counter.
  • ・The Open-ended Ticket button on the Seat Availability screen is used for selecting open-ended tickets. It cannot be used for extra flights. This will not confirm your reservation.
    Please be sure to make your reservation once you have decided upon your schedule.
  • ・ Once the ticket is purchased, the passenger and the sector (excluding the return of a Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder) cannot be changed.
  • ・ Please be sure to check, in advance, the Terms of Use of the fare, such as the ticket validity and the period in which the ticket cannot be used.
  • ・ If you are changing the boarding date of a ticket with a fare where rebooking or rerouting is permitted, a new fare based on the fare of your new boarding date on the day of your initial purchase (the fare application base date) will be applied.
    If a change involves a peak season fare and a regular season fare, a difference will be either charged or refunded.For details on the fare calculation rules, please see "Fare calculation rules".

How to make an Open Ticket reservation

Screen capture

・Click Add Search Criteria, select Open-ended Ticket Reservation and make your reservation.
・When using a smartphone, please proceed from Manage Reservations/Purchase on the domestic flights top page.

How to convert to an Open Ticket

Screen capture

・After logging in, make any necessary changes from Manage Reservations/Purchase on the domestic flights top page.
・When using a smartphone, make any necessary changes from Manage Reservations/Purchase on the domestic flights top page.

  • Those who are not members of ANA Mileage Club will require their confirmation number. Please have this ready.

    Click here to change to an open-ended ticket.

How to get a refund for an Open Ticket

Screen capture
  • ・After logging in, click Add Search Criteria and make the required changes from Manage Reservation/Purchase Ticket.

    Click here to get a refund for an open-ended ticket.


  • ・ Please request for a refund before the Refund Deadline Date (expiration date + 10 days). (If the period of use has expired, please contact the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center.)
  • ・ Your ANA Mileage Club msmbership No. or a confirmation number is required to process a refund.
  • ・ Please note that, for some "Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder" reservations, a refund may not be available once a part of the flight is boarded.