Flight ticket and ANA e-Ticket
- What to do when you forget essential items -

If you forget your ANA e-Ticket, give the confirmation number after you purchase your flight ticket.
* The confirmation number is only displayed once.The confirmation number is necessary for boarding, so take care of it.

What to do when you forget essential items

  • ・If you have forgotten any essential items such as your ANA Mileage Club Membership No., confirmation number, or verification code for your credit card, we will check yourofficial documentsat the departure airport on the day of the flight.
  • ・If your identity can be confirmed using official documents, you will be asked to enter the required information into a "Ticket procedure" and sign the form before being allowed to check in.
    • * If payment was made by a credit card online or through a Reservation and Information Center, and you were not given a security code, some processing may not be possible.
    • * Flight tickets purchased by a credit card may be confirmed separately with the credit card company.
  • ・If your identify cannot be confirmed, you must purchase a flight ticket for a fare capable of being purchased on the day of the flight.
    • ・Purchased ANA e-Tickets will be refunded so long as they are within their refund period.A specified processing fee will be charged for refunds (or a bank transfer processing fee for refunds via bank transfer).