List of Functions Available on ANA Website

ANA SKY WEB offers a range of services to make your journey easier and more convenient, from the moment you make a reservation until you collect your boarding pass.

Check Availability – Check seat availability easily at any time –

Essential information visible at a glance with return itinerary search.

Schedule, fare and seat availability for the flights you're interested in all in one place.Being able to see the fare straight away makes it easier and quicker to decide on a flight.

Flight Bookings – Book and purchase flights with a range of services –

Fast and simple search and seat selection by segment.

Customize your journey in just one click from the itinerary results.For single and return journeys, and also itineraries with transfers to other carriers.

Purchasing Tickets – Easy Online Purchasing –

Pay by credit card, and all you'll have to do is come to the airport.

There are a number of options, from paying at convenience stores to bank transfer.

Easy and Convenient Check-in at the Airport or Online –

Save time at the airport by checking in online

Check in with a PC or mobile device.This service allows you to check in before departure.This section also explains what you need to do at the airport.