Number of seats that can be reserved, children and infant reservations [International Flights]

  • ● The maximum number of persons (total of adults and children) for which reservations can be made at once when seats are available is as follows.
    • ・First Class: 9
    • ・Business Class: 9
    • ・Premium Economy: 9
    • ・Economy Class: 9

* Depending on the operating airline the maximum number may be different.

  • ● Select adult, child or infant based on the age as of the boarding date.
    • ・Adult: 16+ years old
    • ・Adult: 12 to 15 years old
    • ・Child: 2 to 11 years old
    • ・Infant: 8 days to 1 year old (0 to 23 months at time of travel)
  • * Online reservations for infants
    A reservation can be made for up to 1 infant not occupying their own seat per adult passenger (excluding award reservations).
    Reservations cannot be made on the ANA website for infants occupying their own seat.
    Please note that tickets must also be purchased for infants not occupying their own seat.
  • * Please refer to Fares and Notes on Using the Service for children and infants.

【Reservations that cannot be made online】

  • The following types of reservations can be made via telephone.
    • ・Flight reservations which include infants occupying their own seats
    • ・One adult accompanying 2 or more infants
    • ・An individual between the ages of 12 and 15 traveling alone with a child
    • ・Children or infants traveling alone
    • ・1 expectant mother with a due date that is within 28 days, traveling with infant(s)
  • * If you make a reservation for a child/infant over the phone after having made a reservation for an adult online, a ticketing service charge will not be required.

When your itinerary includes Japan domestic flights only (Excluding award reservations)

●The number of seats can be reserved at a time (total of adult/child) are 1 to 9.

  • ●Select adult or child based on the age as of the boarding date.
    • ・Adult: Age 12 or older
    • ・Child: Age 3 to 11 Note: differs from international
  • * One infant(8 days to 2 year old) may sit in a single adult passenger's lap.
    When making a reservation from a website where this screen is displayed, it is not necessary to purchase a ticket for the infant or notify the airline in advance that you will be traveling with an infant. Please notify the staff directly at check-in.


  • 1. When all passengers are below 20 years of age
    Based on the rules of the operating airline, boarding may not be permitted. For reservations which include flights operated other than ANA, please confirm the applicable rules directly with the operating airline in advance. The rules of other airlines may be different from the handling of ANA.