ANA Future promise Food waste Customize your time on board! Expansion of in-flight meal pre-order service ANA Future promise Food waste Customize your time on board! Expansion of in-flight meal pre-order service

March 22, 2023

ANA will introduce two new options for in-flight meal pre-order service, "No Thank you Option" and "Quick & Light Meal", beginning with flights departing on March 31, 2023.
This will allow passengers to use their time more freely, and will also reduce the amount of food that is thrown away without being eaten on board.

What is the in-flight meal pre-order service?

This is a service that allows passengers to pre-select their preferred meal at least 24 hours prior to boarding the plane from the time of booking. By selecting your desired meal, such as Japanese or Western, in advance, you can enjoy it on board without worrying about running out of stock.
In addition, the "No Thank you Option" and "Quick & Light Meal" will allow each passenger to choose according to their individual needs, such as reserving meal time for sleep or work.

"No Thank you Option" and "Quick & Light Meal" options

We have expanded our meal service options to allow passengers the freedom to customize their in-flight time.
The "No Thank you Option" is available on all routes and in all classes of service.
For example, if your flight is during the daytime, you can choose "No Thank you" for the in-flight meal that is served to all passengers immediately after takeoff, thereby freeing up your meal service time.
The "Quick & Light Meal" is an option for First and Business Class passengers on European, U.S., and some Asian routes that offer a course menu and who wish to enjoy a quick meal on board.
After a quick meal of a light meal consisting of a salad, sandwich and dessert on a single tray, you can enjoy the rest of the flight on your own.

Example: "Quick & Light Meal" salad, sandwich, and dessert
Image:Free time on board

Contributes to food loss reduction

Furthermore, these options not only create more free time for passengers on board, but also reduce the amount of meal waste that would otherwise be discarded without being served.
In-flight meals are loaded onto the airplane for the number of passengers, but all meals that were never served on the plane are discarded.
By indicating in advance that in-flight meals are not needed, we hope to work with our customers to achieve food loss reduction.

What is the current status of food loss in Japan?

Food that can still be eaten but is thrown away is called "food loss".
This "food loss" is 5.22 million tons in Japan as a whole. (Estimated figure for FY2020)
On a per capita basis, this means that about one cup of rice is thrown away every day.
Worldwide, food waste amounts to 1.3 billion tons per year. (Refer to the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency)

By reducing the amount of food waste on board, we can contribute to the reduction of food loss.

The 5.22 million tons is equivalent to about four Tokyo Domes.

The ANA Group aims to achieve the food waste rate of 3.8% or less (target for FY2030) in its in-flight and lounge food products.
We will continue to provide a comfortable space for our customers and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by reducing food loss from various perspectives.

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