Airbus A320(32G)

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180 seats
*Since this aircraft is configured with 180 seats, there is less space between seats compared to other Airbus A320 aircraft.
*In-flight Wi-Fi internet access is not available.
*It is not possible to check in pets on flights operated with this aircraft type due to cargo hold restrictions.

seatmap image

Usage Restrictions for Seats in Row 1

Seats in this row are only available to those satisfying all of the conditions below.
If you wish to use a seat in row 1, please inquire with the airport counter staff on the day of your departure.

  • ・Will not use an extension belt
  • ・Is aged 3 or over
  • ・Will not be accompanied by a child (infant)
  • ・Will not use a child seat or assist seat
  • ・Has not paid the special passenger fee to purchase one or more additional seats
  • ・Will not bring anything on board that they might hold on their lap (e.g., a medical oxygen cylinder)


[Aircraft for Domestic Flights]

Seats 180 seats
Overall Length 37.6 m
Wing Span 35.8 m
Tail Height 11.8 m
Typical Cruise Speed 840 km/h
Cruising range 3,180 km
Maximum operation altitude 12,100 m
Maximumtake off weight 77.0 ton
Engines CFM56-5B4/P
Thrust of engine 12,250 kg X 2
Maximum Fuel Capacity 24 kl

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