Reserve and pay for an airport buses from your computer or cell phone

Simple and easy reservation and payment for airport buses from a computer or cell phone. Bus tickets are sent to your cell phone, simplifying travel to your destination.You also earn miles.

  • Reservations through the airport bus search service will be unavailable as of March 30, 2018.
    Reservations will only be accepted for travel dates up to and including March 31, 2018.

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Making arrangements for an airport bus is no longer a separate process, as bus tickets can now be purchased at the same time as your flight ticket.You no longer need to wait in line at the counter.

Usage Methods

  • 1. After reserving/purchasing your flight ticket, go to the bus ticket page via the Reservation Details screen on the ANA website.
  • 2. Bus ticket reservation and payment can also be done from a computer
  • After selecting your desired bus ticket, you can reserve and purchase the ticket.
    *Electronic money (Rakuten Edy) and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment.
  • 3. The bus ticket is sent to your cell phone
  • After your purchase is complete, an electronic bus ticket is sent to your cell phone.
    *This service is only compatible with Internet-connected cell phones.
  • 4. Smart boarding by touching your cell phone on the reader
  • Simply touch your cell phone to the reader while displaying the electronic bus ticket as you board the bus.
  • 5. Earn miles!
  • Earn 1 mile for every 100 JPY spent (rounded down to the nearest 100 JPY).

Affiliated bus companies and routes

Haneda Airport

Affiliated bus companies
• Airport Transport Service
• Keisei Bus
• Tokyo BayCity Koutsu
• Chiba Nairiku Bus
• Chiba Chuo Bus
• Nishi Tokyo Bus
• Toya Koutsu
• Nippon Chuo Bus
• Keihin Kyuko Bus
• Keio Dentetsu Bus

Eligible routes
• Shinjuku
• Ikebukuro
• Mejiro, Kudan, Korakuen
• Akasaka
• Kinshicho, Toyocho
• Tokyo City Air Terminal
• Narita Airport
• Rinkai Fukutoshin
• Nerima, Nakano
• Kasai, Kameari
• Kasai, Koiwa
• Shin-Urayasu
• Tsudanuma
• Oami
• Yotsukaido
• Utsunomiya
• Kiryu, Ota
• Maebashi, Takasaki
• Tokyo Disney Resort
• Gyotoku, Ichikawa
• Hachioji, Takao, Chofu, Fuchu, Kokubunji
• Tama Center, Minami-Osawa
• Akihabara
• Toyosu
• Ginza

Important reminder

Notes on usage

  • • This service uses an airport bus ticket reservation website that is operated by Wellnet Corporation. Use of this service is according to Wellnet Corporation terms of service.
  • • Bus usage arranged through this service is executed according to the conditions of carriage of each bus company.
  • • Inquiries regarding this service are to be directed to the Service desk. Service desk: 011-809-3505 (7 AM - 11 PM)

Service hours

  • • This service can be used between the hours of 6 AM and 12 AM (midnight). Service may be interrupted for maintenance.
  • • Reservations can be made from 30 days prior up to the day before the date of use.
  • • Contact the Service desk for details.

Important notes regarding airport bus reservations, purchases, and refunds

  • • After reserving airport bus, if the payment process is not completed by the specified payment deadline, your reservation will be canceled.
  • • If a flight ticket is changed or canceled, your airport bus reservation must be changed or canceled separately.Changes to your airport bus reservation cannot be handled by this Service. Please contact the Service desk regarding changes to your airport bus reservation.
  • • Bus ticket payments can be made via credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, and Diners) and Rakuten Edy. [*Payment with Rakuten Edy requires either Mobile Edy (OSAIFU-KEITAI; digital wallet) or PaSoRi.]
  • • Inquiries regarding bus ticket refunds should be directed to the Service desk.Contact Service desk regarding refunds before the scheduled departure time on the bus timetable.
  • • There is a 100 JPY handling charge for each bus ticket refunded.
    Please contact the Service desk regarding refunds in the event of ANA flight cancellations and flight delays, or suspension of airport bus services.

Important notes regarding airport bus boarding

  • • When boarding a bus, you must show the "cell phone bus ticket" that you downloaded to your cell phone (this requires a cell phone that can connect to the Internet).
  • • You will not be able to make your flight if you miss your check-in deadline due to a delayed airport bus, so please select a bus departure time that leaves you sufficient extra time.

Mileage accrual

  • • 100 JPY of bus fares = 1 mile
    *You must be logged in to accrue miles.Log in from the top page before using this service.
    *To ensure mileage accrual, after logging in, your ANA Mileage Club Membership No. is shared with the website.Membership Numbers sent to will not be used for any purpose other than for accrual of miles.


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