Checking in Bulky Baggage [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information about checking in bulky baggage. The size of baggage is restricted depending on the aircraft type used for the flight.
Baggage exceeding 203 cm in total dimensions of the three sides can be checked in only if it can be stored in the cargo room of the applicable aircraft.

Maximum Baggage Length by Aircraft Type

Depending on the loading condition of other checked baggage, we may not accept your bulky baggage even if its length is within the following maximum baggage length.

Aircraft Types Maximum length
773 (Boeing 777-300) 400 cm
772 (Boeing 777-200) 400 cm
777 (Boeing 777-200) 400 cm
789 (Boeing 787-9) 250 cm
78G (Boeing 787-9) 250 cm
78P (Boeing 787-8) 250 cm
78M (Boeing 787-8) 250 cm
78R (Boeing 787-8) 250 cm
76P (Boeing 767-300) 300 cm
763*(Boeing 767-300) 300 cm
321 (Airbus A321) 260 cm
32P/32F*(Airbus A320) 260 cm
738/73H/73L*(Boeing 737-800) 320 cm
737/73D (Boeing 737-700) 320 cm
Q4A/Q84 (Bombardier DHC8-Q400) 180 cm
CR7*(Bombardier CRJ700) 250 cm (height 65 cm, width 105 cm or less)
Q82*(Bombardier DHC8-Q200) 160 cm (63 in.)
  • Aircraft operated by codeshare partner airlines.

If your bulky baggage cannot be loaded, you may be asked to arrange for delivery such as by using a home delivery service.

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