Damaged Baggage [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information on what to do if baggage checked in at the airport is damaged. Here you can find information on how to declare damaged items, the accepting period for declarations, as well as regarding compensation.

We handle passengers’ checked baggage with great care until reaching the destination, but due to bad weather or facility-related conditions, there are cases in which baggage may be damaged.
We sincerely apologize for causing considerable concern and inconvenience to affected passengers.
ANA will sincerely work to resolve the situation.


Declaration upon arrival

When you notice the damage upon arrival, please report it to ANA airport staff immediately.

Retrospective declaration

If you notice damage after you have left the airport, please declare the damage to the arrival airport by the deadline of declaration (seven days from the day following the day of the baggage claim).

Deadline of Declaration

In accordance with the Conditions of Carriage (Domestic Passengers and Baggage), the declaration must be made no later than seven days from the day following the day on which the baggage was picked up.

Please note that we may not be able to address such issues if the deadline has passed.


As a general rule, baggage which qualifies for compensation will be subject to repair. However, depending on the degree of damage and time factors, a different handling other than repair may be offered. Please be aware that repairs may take some time due to parts being out of stock or similar.

JPY 150,000 per passenger is the indemnity limit (the amount paid if ANA is responsible for the damage to baggage, etc.) for baggage and personal belongings whose value was not declared. If the actual value exceeds JPY 150,000, please consult with airport staff upon check-in regarding Excess Value Charges.

Please note that disclaimers may apply and some cases may not be eligible for compensation.



  • We will handle your baggage with great care. However, please be aware that ANA cannot be held liable for any damage occurring to fragile items such as musical instruments, sporting equipment (surfboards, windsurfing equipment, scuba diving gear, bicycles, etc.), cameras, electronic devices such as personal computers, precision instruments, works of art or antiques, ceramics, glassware, or alcohol, if and to the extent that the damage results from an inherent defect or characteristic of the item in question.
  • ANA is also not responsible for damage arising from flaws inherent to the baggage, baggage damage or deterioration from excess weight and excess volume, loss of or damage to protruding parts such as detachable wheels, straps, hooks, name tags, or belts, and damage arising from safety inspection carried out by the relevant country such as TSA (Transport Security Administration) inspections.
  • ANA will not be liable for minor damage such as scratches, scuffs, cuts, dents, or dirt caused during normal handling and loading processes (including the transport on belt conveyors).

If you notice the damage to your baggage while you are still at the airport

As the airport staff will inform you about the procedures, please contact the arrival airport.

  • For details, please contact the airport staff at the arrival airport.

If you notice damage to your baggage when you have already left the airport

If you notice the damage after arriving on an ANA-operated flight:

  • If it is within seven days from the day following the day of baggage pick-up, and it is a case which is eligible for compensation (disclaimer), please contact the arrival airport as the airport staff will inform you about the procedures.
  • If it is on the eighth day or later from the day following the day of baggage pick-up, or it is a case which is not eligible for compensation (disclaimer), unfortunately, compensation cannot be provided.

If you notice the damage after arriving on a flight not operated by ANA:

Please inquire with the airline on which you arrived.

  • Depending on the airport, ANA staff may handle the case for flights operated by AIR DO, IBEX Airlines, Solaseed Air, StarFlyer, or Oriental Air Bridge.

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