Baggage Pick-up Forgotten / Wrong Baggage Picked Up / Left Behind Items [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information on what to do if you forgot to pick up your checked baggage or if you leave the airport with the baggage of someone else by mistake.

Baggage Pick-up Forgotten / Wrong Baggage Picked Up

After arrival, each passenger must pick up their checked baggage at baggage claim by confirming the numbers on the baggage claim tags. If you leave the airport without picking up your baggage or with the baggage of someone else by mistake, please contact the arrival airport immediately.

  • If you forgot to pick up your baggage, it will be delivered to your designated location.
  • If you took the wrong baggage with you, please send it back after contacting the arrival airport.

Left Behind Items

Left behind items found in the cabin will be stored at the arrival airport for a certain period of time. If you have left something behind, please contact the arrival airport.
If we find the item, we will deliver it to you promptly. Please note that the delivery costs will be charged to you.

Items found in an airport facility and not in the cabin may be stored by the airport managing company or at a police station. Please confirm the contact point and then inquire about your item(s).

International flights

Please see Inquiries for Forgotten Articles and Delayed or Damaged Baggage if you traveled on an international flight.

Return of Baggage

If your lost article is found, it will be immediately delivered to the place of your choosing.
Note, however, that customers will be responsible for any shipping fees.

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