How to operate Self Service Check-in machine

How to check in and assign a seat at the airport is explained.

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  • 操作方法
  • 1.Search for your reservation.

    Select your medium.
  • 操作方法
  • 2.Confirm the person to complete boarding procedures for.

    Select the person and tap Confirm.
  • 操作方法
  • 3.Confirm the itinerary.
    After checking the details, tap Confirm. Upgrades and flight changes can also be processed.
  • 操作方法
  • 4.Select your preferred seat.

    Select from the seats indicated on the Seat Map. You can select from different types of seats by tapping Basic Select.
  • 操作方法
  • 5.After selecting your seat, tap Confirm.
  • 操作方法
  • 6.Confirm your selected seat.

    If everything is okay, tap Confirm. Tap the Change button to make changes.
  • 操作方法
  • 7.Request a receipt and register miles.

    If you would like a receipt or register miles, check the corresponding boxes. If you do not need to do so, tap Confirm.
  • 操作方法
  • 8.A boarding pass (and receipt, if requested) will be issued.

*If you are using the SKiP service, you don't need to use the Automated Check-in Machine.
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