Let's build and try flying it ! Paper airplane

Easy to build and easy to play with ! Why don't you make a paper airplane that actually flies?
The paper airplane that you make yourself will take you on a trip to the sky that everyone dreams of.

Boeing 777-300

The Boeing 777-300 is a passenger aircraft manufactured by Boeing, an U.S. company.

Completed image of Boeing 777-300

Comment by the designer

A paper airplane is the simplest way to let you realize your dream of the sky.
You can let it fly in an open space, build it neatly and use it as a decoration for your room, or enjoy it in any other way you choose.
This model is the B777-300.A paper airplane version was created, incorporating as many characteristics as possible of the actual aircraft.It may be a bit difficult to make adjustments to fly it well, but it'll feel so much more fun when you keep trying and are finally able to fly it successfully.Please build it and enjoy flying it.


Pattern image of the body parts

PDF format (118KB)

Pattern image of the wing parts

PDF format (13KB)

The pattern will open in PDF format. You can save it or print it out to use it.
There is no pattern for the back side of the vertical tail.We thank you for your understanding in advance.

Please carefully read the assembly instructions and notes on building the paper airplane.

* The PDF file will open in a separate window.

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'Configuration/Seat Map (Domestic)'' offers more detailed data and photos of the B777 (Triple Seven) and other ANA aircrafts that are actively flying.Please have a look at this too.