What Is ANA Travel Ready?

ANA Travel Ready enables you to enjoy a smoother experience at the airport on the departure date. Simply submit your requisite entry documents, etc. at least 12 hours prior to the departure time of your flight to have them checked in advance.

Terms of Use

Eligible Passengers

Passengers traveling internationally from Japan on an eligible ANA Group-operated international flight

Eligible Flights

ANA Group-operated international flights departing from Narita or Haneda Airport

How to Use This Service

Application Forms

Please confirm the entry conditions and requisite documents for your destination under Entry Conditions and Quarantine Measures for Countries Outside of Japan.

  • This service is not available for passengers connecting from an ANA Group-operated international flight to another ANA Group-operated flight via Narita or Haneda.

Application Flow


At least 12 hours prior to departure time

  • Apply for advance document check
    Submit your requisite travel documents so that ANA can check them for you in advance.
  • Please click on the Make a New Application to make your application after moving to the Advance Travel Document Confirmation page.

At least 6 hours prior to departure time

  • Confirm the result of your document check
    Regardless of the date of application, ANA will check the details in your documents from 72 hours prior to the departure time of your flight, and then email you the result of the check at least 6 hours prior to the departure.
    You can also confirm the result by clicking on the Confirm/Re-Apply button.
  • Please click on the Confirm Results/Details or Make Another Application for the Requisite Documents button after moving to the Advance Travel Document Confirmation page.

From 24 hours prior to departure time

  • Check in online
    After your advance document check has been completed, you can check in online and then issue your boarding pass.
Enjoy a smooth and comfortable flight with peace of mind on the day

Passengers Departing on Certain Eligible Flights

Passengers departing for the following airports can apply for an advance document check smoothly by clicking on the Check In Online button in STEP 3 from 24 hours prior to departure to 75 minutes prior to departure.

  • These passengers will only be able to use this service if their final destination is the following airports.
    Please note that passengers whose itinerary includes a connecting flight with another airline will need to have their documents checked at the airport as usual.

Applicable Airports

  • Jakarta, Seoul, Paris and Bangkok
  • (From flights boarding on August 11, 2022) Mexico, Brussels, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Mexico, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.