Guide for facilities in Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Since the boarding gate check-in counters might be subject to change, please check at the airport to the day of departure.


Flights operated by ANA Group will arrive at Terminal 3 of Manila Airport

  • 1 Quarantine
  • 2 Passport Control
  • 3 Baggage Claim
  • 4 Customs

Arrival Terminal

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Passport Control

Please present your passport and Immigration Card.

Customers with a connecting flight

After clearing all the arrival procedures, proceed to the check-in counter or airport terminal of your next flight.

[Precautions when Traveling to the Philippines]
You will need to show a return flight ticket or ticket for a flight bound for a third country when passing through Immigration.Please be noticed that passengers without a paper ticket or a printed Itinerary Receipt will be refused to enter.
*Images on PC and mobile phone screens are not accepted and entry will be refused, so be careful.


Flights operated by ANA Group will depart from Terminal 3 of Manila Airport.

Departure terminal

  • 1 Security Check
  • 2 Check-in
  • 3 Passport Control
  • 4 Baggage Inspection
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Please present your passport and boarding pass.

Security Check

After Security Check, please go to boarding gate.


About the transfer between terminals

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Transfer method and some notes

For transfer between terminals, taxi and free shuttle bus are available.
The time required for the transfer varies largely by waiting time for taxi, operation status of shuttle bus and traffic congestion.
Also, you need to go through Security Check to enter the departure terminal for connecting flights.
Furthermore, Immigration for entering the country and Customs can be congested.
Passengers who use connecting flights are requested to allow time for these processes.

*Passengers who use connecting Philippine Airlines flights departing from Terminal 2 or connecting flights of ANA from Philippine Airlines flights
Arriving at Terminal 2 are requested to use the shuttle bus operated between terminals by Philippine Airlines.