Boarding Order (International Flights)

The boarding order for ANA International Flights are as follows. Your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

  • To avoid close contact and congestion in the cabin and aisles, beginning from June 19, we will give boarding priority to those passengers seated in the rear end of the cabin, and then to those seated in the front of the plane.
    Although the priority boarding will be temporarily suspended accordingly, dedicated boarding lane*1 for Star Alliance Gold members will be served by your boarding group.
    • *1.Subject to airport and aircraft
      Boarding will start from Group 1 to 6.
      Passenger with boarding Group 1 to 3, please proceed to your boarding gate with adequate time.

Boarding Order at the Boarding Gate for International Flights

1st: Customers Using the Pre-boarding Service

Eligible Customers

Passengers requiring assistance (e.g., wheelchair users, those with infants under 2 years old)
Your boarding pass will be processed before boarding begins. Once the aircraft preparations have been completed, you will be allowed to board first.

  • If you wish to use the pre-boarding service, please contact the boarding gate staff at your earliest convenience.
  • Please note that the pre-boarding service may be unavailable in some cases depending on flight status or for other reasons.

2nd: By Boarding Group

Passengers will board in group number order with the group printed on their boarding pass.

  • In case you have connections from airlines other than ANA, some airlines may not be able to print the boarding group number due to the system specifications.
Boarding Order Passengers
Group1 Passengers with rear window seats
Group2 Passengers with rear middle seats
Group3 Passengers with rear aisle seats
Group4 Passengers with front window seats
Group5 Passengers with front middle seats
Group6 Passengers with front aisle seats
Group1 Group2 Group3
First Class
Diamond Service Members
Business Class
Platinum Service Members
Super Flyers Members
Star Alliance Gold Members
Premium Economy
Economy Class
(excluding the A380*1)

*1 For passengers traveling on the Airbus A380:
Group 3: Premium Economy / Economy Class rows 58-76
Group 4: Economy Class rows 35-57