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Notes regarding on-line applications

  • ・ On-line reservation / change / confirmation / cancellation is possible after ticket issuance till 2 business days prior to departure from Japan. (except Sundays, national holidays, Year end and New Year 29Dec - 3Jan)
  • ・ Please let us know following information when you make a reservation.(Please see your e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt.)
    • 1) the departure date and the flight number of your deparature flight from Japan
    • 2) the local departure date and the flight number of your return flight to Japan
    • 3) your name
    • 4) ANA Mileage Club (or ANA Card) membership number, United Airlines 'Mileage Plus' membership number, or Lufthansa/Swiss International Air Lines 'Miles&More' membership number
    • 5) the detailed address of your destination (e.g. home address, business address)
    • 6) the postal code of the destination
    • 7) the contact phone number
    • 8) the booking class on your ticket
    • 9) your e-mail address
  • ・ Confirming/changing/cancelling your on-line reservation requires the "Application No." you get when you make a reservation on-line.

ANA Hire Desk

Business hours: 09:00-17:30 (except Sundays, national holidays, Year end and New Year 29Dec - 3Jan)

* We accept your reservation after your ticket issued. If your ticket is not issued, we cannot accept.

Areas eligible for complimentary service

airport to use this service Prefecture Areas eligible for complimentary service
Narita International Airport Tokyo Tokyo 23 Wards / Machida-shi / Hachioji-shi / Musashimurayama-shi / Haneda Airport, etc.
Kanagawa Yokohama-shi / Fujisawa-shi / Kamakura-shi / Yokosuka-shi, etc.
Saitama Saitama-shi / Kawagoe-shi / Koshigaya-shi, etc.
Chiba Throughout Chiba Prefecture
Ibaraki Hitachiota-shi / Mito-shi / Tsukuba-shi, etc.
Chubu Centrair International airport, Nagoya Aichi Throughout Aichi Prefecture
Mie Yokkaichi-shi / Tsu-shi / Matsusaka-shi / Iga-shi, etc.
Gifu Gifu-shi / Ogaki-shi, etc.
Shizuoka Hamamatsu-shi / Iwata-shi, etc.
Shiga Nagahama-shi / Hikone-shi, etc.
Nagano Iida-shi, etc.
Osaka International Airport(Itami) Osaka Throughout Osaka Prefecture
Wakayama Wakayama-shi / Gobo-shi / Tanabe-shi / Hashimoto-shi, etc.
Nara Throughout Nara Prefecture
Kyoto Kyoto-shi / Kameoka-shi / Uji-shi / Joyo-shi, etc.
Hyogo Itami-shi / Sanda-shi / Sasayama-shi / Ono-shi / Kobe-shi / Kakogawa-shi, etc.
Shiga Throughout Shiga Prefecture
  • ・ Customers are responsible for paying addtional charges for areas beyond those eligible for complimentary service, toll of the toll road(*1), and expressway toll(*2). If you wish to know exact charges/tolls, please contact ANA HIre Desk.
    • *1 The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is a toll road.
    • *2 We will bear the first expressway toll within areas eligible for complimentary service. If you use expressway more, please pay expressway toll from the second.
  • ・ Please pay any excess charges / tolls in the vehcle with Japanese yen in cash.
  • ・ Main areas eligible for complimentary service is listed up in "Information Counter at each airport / Areas eligible for complimentary service". The areas may change.Please contact ANA Hire Desk to confirm that when you apply.