Self Service Check-in machine

Our self-service check-in machines make checking in at the airport easier and smoother.
ANA continues to strive to offer services that are easier for you to use.

Service Features

  • - Check-in procedures can be completed for both your Japan domestic flight and international connecting flight.
  • - Mileage can be registered.

Eligible customers

- Customers with a reservation for an international flight departing no later than 24 hours after the arrival of their Japan domestic flight.

* Customers traveling between Narita and Haneda or Itami and Kansai for a connection can also use the self-service check-in machines at departure airports, but must check in their baggage once again at the connection airport.  Please check the information about connecting from a Japan domestic flight to an international flight to see if the self-service check-in machines are available at the relevant airport.

Available Times

From the opening time of the relevant airport until the check-in closing time for the first Japan domestic segment.

How to Use


Search for your reservation.

Please select the item in your possession from IC (card), 2D barcode, e-Ticket, or passport.
(If you wish to search for your reservation using your passport, you must register your passport number to your reservation in advance.)


[Search by your e-Ticket number]
Please enter the 13-digit e-Ticket number shown on your itinerary, and your full name in alphabet characters.
(Enter your full name in the following order: last name → first name.)


[Search by your passport]
Please place your passport on the scanner in accordance with the on-screen instructions. 
Upon pressing Confirm, scanning will commence. 


Confirm the customer(s) you wish to check in.

Select the customer(s) you wish to check in, and then press Confirm.


Get your passport(s) ready.

After you have gotten your passport(s) ready, press Confirm.
(Please remove any passport covers.)


Register your passport information.

Place the passport of the customer whose name is displayed at the top of the screen on the scanner, in accordance by the on-screen instructions.
Upon pressing Confirm, scanning will commence.


Please remove your hand from the passport while it is being scanned. 


Take your passport after a notification appears telling you to do so. 


Confirm the passport information.

Please confirm the passport information displayed, and then press Confirm.


Confirm the itinerary.

Please confirm the itinerary, and then press Confirm.


Select your seat for the Japan domestic flight.

Please select your desired seat, and then press Confirm.


Confirm the seat.

Please confirm your selected seat, and then press Confirm.


Select your seat for the international flight.

Please select your desired seat, and then press Confirm.
* Please note that you cannot select seats for the second international sector onward, as well as flights not operated by the ANA Group.
Please confirm the seat on your boarding pass.


Confirm the seat.

Please confirm your selected seat, and then press Confirm.


[Only for flights arriving in the U.S. or Canada]
Register your country/region of residence.

Please select your country/region of residence, and then press Confirm.
* If you have a visa, please enter the country/region of passport issuance.


[Only for flights arriving in the U.S. or Canada]
Confirmation of visa or permanent resident card.

Please select the document in your possession.
If you do not have either a visa or a permanent resident card, or if you have applied for an electronic visa (ESTA/ETAS, etc.), please select I Do Not Have.


[Only for flights arriving in the U.S. (excluding customers with U.S. citizenship or a registered permanent resident card)]
Confirmation of final destination.

Please select whether the U.S. is your final destination.


[If your final destination is the U.S.]
Register information about your destination address.

Please enter the ZIP code, and then select the state.


Please select the city, and then enter the street or hotel name.


[Only for flights departing from the U.S.]
Register your Known Traveler Number. (Applies only to customers who have one.)

Please register your Known Traveler Number if you have one.


Confirm the travel information.

Please confirm your registered travel information, and then press Confirm.
If you need to edit your information, select Change for the relevant item and register the information again.


Register miles.

Please select the customer for whom the mileage should be registered, and then press Confirm.


Check-in procedures are now complete including those for your connecting flight.