Notification of delays, cancellations and diversions at each airport

ANA is dedicated to providing timely notification of any delays, cancellations or other unexpected events.

It is sometimes necessary to delay, cancel or divert flights due to various reasons such as congestion at the airport and increment weather.In these cases, we are dedicated to giving all customers accurate information as quickly as possible.In addition to sharing information through announcements and display boards at the airport, information will be provided on the ANA Website and through the Reservation Center.

  • ・When major delays or cancellations are experienced and we are unable to provide transportation to the final destination on the expected arrival date due to events within our responsibility, we will provide accommodation subject to availability. Regardless of the circumstances, we are dedicated to easing your inconvenience and burden as much as possible.
  • ・If a flight is delayed or canceled due to events beyond our control such as bad weather, we will offer assistance where possible with your arrangements, including accommodation.However, incidental expenses will not be provided.
Reasons such as flight delays and cancellations ANA will bear expenses.
Events within ANA's responsibility ANA will bear accommodation and other expenses.
Inclement weather, airport congestion and other unexpected events The customer will bear accommodation and other expenses.