Passengers aged 12-15 departing from airports in UK in economy class: Change in UK Air Passenger Duty

In accordance with announcement by UK government, the following passengers will be exempted from the UK Air Passenger Duty levied for departures from airports in UK as follows.

  • ■Effective date: For travel on/after March 01, 2016
  • ■Applicable class: Economy Class only (except Premium Economy)
  • ■Applicable flight: Flights departing from UK airports
  • ■Amendments: UK Air Passenger Duty will be exempted for passengers aged 12-15 travelling in economy class (except Premium Economy).

< UK Air Passenger Duty from London to Tokyo Haneda in economy class (except Premium Economy) >

Age of travel date Travel until February 29, 2016 Travel on/after March 01, 2016
Infant under 2 Tax exempted
Child aged 2-11 Tax exempted
Adult aged 12-15 GBP 71 Tax exempted
Adult over 16 GBP 71(change to GBP 73 for travel on/after April 01, 2016)

* Air Passenger Duty is collected on the ticket with air fare.

//Revised as of October 06, 2016//UK Air Passenger Duty is applicable for passengers aged 12-15 seated in Premium Economy for ticketing on/after October 05,2016.

For new purchase of ANA tickets

  • (1)Ticket purchase via ANA Website
    ANA is currently in the process of updating the systems. Passengers aged 12-15 are kindly
    requested to contact ANA reservation centers to make reservations.
    //Revised as of June 23, 2016// Completed system enhancement for ticketing on/after June 22, 2016. Those passengers are able to purchase tickets without UK Air Passenger Duty.
  • (2)Ticket purchase via ANA reservation centers
    Please advise ANA staff for the exemption at the time of booking.
  • (3)Ticket purchase via travel agency
    Please contact the travel agency of the exemption before the ticketing.

For ANA tickets already purchased (including the tickets after the travel completion)

  • (1)For ANA tickets purchased via ANA Website or ANA reservation centers.
    Please contact ANA reservation centers for the refund of Air Passenger Duty.
  • (2)For tickets purchased via travel agency (Tickets issued by ANA only)
    Please contact the travel agency for the further information.

Thank you for flying ANA.

February 16, 2016
Revised June 23, 2016
Revised October 06, 2016