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Hitachi Kamine Park

Zoo and amusement park spread across the gentle hills along the Pacific Ocean

Hitachi Kamine Park has a superb view overlooking the city accompanied by a pleasant ocean breeze. From early to mid-April, around 1,000 cherry blossom trees planted throughout the park bloom in unison. The vast park includes Kamine Leisure Land, which features attractions like roller coasters and a large Ferris wheel; Kamine Yuenchi amusement park for smaller children with a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round; and Hitachi City Kamine Zoo featuring a reptile house that opened in 2018. This is a great leisure spot which families of all ages can enjoy.

Interact with animals at Hitachi City Kamine Zoo

One of the largest zoos in the northern Kanto region, Hitachi City Kamine Zoo provides opportunities to interact and feel close to various animals. Pet rabbits and guinea pigs, and even feed snacks to elephants and giraffes. In addition to housing staple zoo inhabitants such as hippopotamuses, lions, flamingos, and rhinoceroses, the zoo takes care of allowing animals to live freely through various measures, such as the Monkey Paradise where monkeys liberally move about through the air. Be sure to visit the reptile house opened in 2018. During the cherry blossom season, the park is bursting with pink blossoms. It is recommended to visit along with the Hitachi Cherry Blossom Festival held near Hitachi Station.

A comprehensive amusement park for the whole family

Kamine Yuenchi amusement park adjacent to the zoo has 11 different rides children of all ages can enjoy. Cross the plaza where cherry blossoms bloom to reach Kamine Leisure Land, which features 18 rides including roller coasters and a Ferris wheel, great for elementary school children and older. Nearby, there are also observation decks and a public swimming pool that can be reached by foot on the promenade path. There are so many ways to play and spend all day at Kamine Park with your family and friends!


Name Hitachi Kamine Park
Website https://english.ibarakiguide.jp/kanko-spot/kamine-park
Address 5-2-22 Miyata-cho, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki
Access From Hitachi Station on the JR Joban Line, take the bus for approximately 10 minutes and get off at Kamine Park bus stop
Approximately 5 minutes' drive from the Hitachi-Chuo IC on the Joban Expressway
Inquiries TEL: 0294-22-5586 (Zoo)
TEL: 0294-23-1515 (Yuenchi)
TEL: 0294-22-4737 (Leisure Land)

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