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Access & Local Transportation

The San'in region is well-connected to the rest of Japan by domestic flights and trains.
Traveling within the San'in region is a pleasurable experience,
with trains that run along the beautiful coast of the Sea of Japan and buses that journey through the countryside.
Taxis or car rental might be the better option for some of the more isolated spots or on the Oki islands, but overall it is fairly easy to get around.

Direct flights connect Tokyo (Haneda)
with the airports of Tottori,
Yonago and Hagi-Iwami.

    • Haneda Airport
    • Tottori Airport
    • 75min
    • Haneda Airport
    • Yonago Airport
    • 80min
    • Haneda Airport
    • Hagi-Iwami Airport
    • 90min

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Other transportation;
By train, Tokyo is connected to the main cities of San'in via Okayama.
An overnight Sleeping Limited Express called Sunrise Izumo connects Tokyo to Yonago, Yasugi, Matsue and Izumo.
Buses to the San'in region are also available from Tokyo.
From Kansai
By train, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka are connected to the main cities of San'in via Okayama.
Buses to the San'in region are also available from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.
From Hiroshima Station,
hop on a ¥500 "one coin" bus for foreigners to Matsue, one of San'in's main cities, and connect to the JR San'in Line.
From Okayama,
using the JR Hakubi Line is a good option, taking you to Yonago Station (where you can change to the JR San'in Line) in approximately 2 hours.
Other highway buses from Okayama and Hiroshima
are also available to transport you to JR San'in Line main stations such as Izumo, Matsue, Yonago, Kurayoshi and Tottori.

Local Transportation

The bigger cities of San'in are all connected by the JR San'in Line, that runs along the coast. In the Izumo area, the Ichibata Electric Railway connects the cities of Izumo and Matsue.
Bus and Taxi
Smaller towns and other tourist spots can usually be reached by bus and taxi. In some areas, buses are a little scarce so renting a car might be a better option if you like traveling at your own pace.
Aside from the benefits of using the JR Pass, several other discounts are available for buses and local transportation. Be sure to ask for information at stations and tourist centers.

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