Winter in Tohoku
Zao, Ginzan Onsen, and
Sendai Gourmet

Experience the history and beauty of nature with this itinerary that brings you to Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture from Sendai Airport.

Tohoku is breath-taking in every season. There are plenty of sightseeing places around, such as the frost-covered trees on Mount Zao that resemble a winter wonderland, the nostalgic streets of Ginzan Onsen, and Matsushima, which is one of the three most scenic places in Japan.

(map)Sendai Airport → Mount Zao → Yamadera → Ginzan Onsen → Chuson-ji Temple → Matsushima → Sendai Airport(map)Sendai Airport → Mount Zao → Yamadera → Ginzan Onsen → Chuson-ji Temple → Matsushima → Sendai Airport1: Mount Zao2: Yamadera3: Ginzan Onsen4: Chuson-ji Temple5: MatsushimaSendai Airport


Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport
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    Mount Zao

    Home to the frost-covered trees that resemble a winter wonderland, the beautiful emerald green Lake Okama, and the fox village where visitors can enjoy a close-up interaction with foxes.
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    Famous for its spectacular view and unique location which looks like it is stuck onto the steep cliff.
  • 3

    Ginzan Onsen

    Hot spring town which gives off a Western vibe from the Taisho period, that has a nostalgic atmosphere brought about by the gas lights which illuminate the area when night falls.
  • 4

    Chuson-ji Temple

    Temple in Iwate Prefecture which is registered as a World Heritage Site. It has a golden hall and houses many national treasures and important cultural properties.
  • 5


    One of the three most scenic places in Japan. Enjoy the magnificent view of the 260 floating islands from the land or on the sea, and also the wonderful seasonal scenery here.
  • 6

    Sendai Gourmet

    Includes beef tongue, zunda (a local sweet made from edamame), Matsushima oysters, and sasa kamaboko (fish cake in the shape of bamboo leaves).


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