Must-See in TOKYO
Tokyo: The Largest Urban
City in Japan

The gateway to Japan – Tokyo. Introducing places from popular destinations to little-known spots.

Tokyo is a big city with a population of more than 1.38 million people. The views from the Sky Tree, as well as the Tokyo Tower, which is the symbol of Tokyo, are impeccable. There is so much to see here, such as Senso-ji Temple which gives off an authentic Japanese vibe, the sight of people crossing the intersection at the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and Odaiba which overlooks the Tokyo Bay, that you will never get sick of it.

(map)Haneda Airport → Odaiba → Tokyo Tower → Shibuya → Goutoku-ji Temple → Senso-ji Temple → Tokyo Skytree → Haneda Airport(map)Haneda Airport → Odaiba → Tokyo Tower → Shibuya → Goutoku-ji Temple → Senso-ji Temple → Tokyo Skytree → Haneda Airport1: Odaiba2: Tokyo Tower3: Shibuya4: Goutoku-ji Temple5: Senso-ji Temple6: Tokyo SkytreeHaneda Airport


Haneda Airport


Haneda Airport
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    Tokyo waterfront with plenty of leisure spots, shopping, and gourmet food.
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    Tokyo Tower

    Famous as a sightseeing spot and symbol of Tokyo. Enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Fuji and the streets of Tokyo from the observatory.
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    The area in Tokyo which emanates youth culture. Famous for its scramble crossing involving many people and also Hachiko which is located in front of Shibuya Station.
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    Goutoku-ji Temple

    Temple located in a quiet residential area and said to be the birthplace of maneki-neko (beckoning cat). Filled with different types of maneki-neko in various sizes.
  • 5

    Senso-ji Temple

    An iconic spot in Asakusa. Immerse in the traditional Japanese town atmosphere on Nakamise Shopping Street which is located right in front of the temple.
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    Tokyo Skytree

    The tallest tower in the world with a height of 634m. Enjoy the panoramic view of the streets of Tokyo from the observation deck.


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