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Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park

Enjoy the various activities in the great outdoors offered at Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park

The spacious 53-hectare park in Minobu-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture, features an array of spots including a Japanese garden, picnic area, nature observation forest, and a large flower garden. Everywhere you look, the surrounding flowers and broadleaf forest reminds you of the beauty of every season. Especially noteworthy is the splendid rose garden of 2,900 roses of 130 varieties blossoming every spring and fall. Enjoy the various activities offered at the park such as tennis, canoeing, and barbeque, as well as observe stunning paper-cutting artworks at the Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum opened in 2010.

Splash about in the large water fountain and explore the sweet osmanthus maze

The Flower Maze is a popular summer play area with a waterfall, large fountain, and stream. Children love splashing about in the fountain equipped with 125 nozzles that randomly spray up water. On either side of the splash pad are four giant mazes created from sasanqua camellia and sweet osmanthus shrubs. The water stream is surrounded by a spacious pathway lined with dawn redwood, which exhibits vibrant foliage in the fall.

Aoyama Hina

Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum

Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum is one of the few in Japan that specializes in paper-cutting artworks. Three galleries are dotted throughout the park: two permanent exhibit galleries displaying collections of works by top artists from both within and outside Japan, and one special exhibit gallery which opens for limited periods during various seasons. Be mesmerized in the intricate and elegant world of paper-cutting art. Visitors can also enjoy a superb view of the park from within the museum.

Roadside Station Minobu (Fujikawa Tourist Center)

Fujikawa Tourist Center consists of six areas including the souvenir shop with various specialties from Yamanashi Prefecture and the Nishijima Washi Workshop offering a hands-on experience for making Nishijima washi paper, a local traditional craft. Especially popular among foreign tourists is the activity to make postcards from handmade washi paper. Have fun creating your very own postcard, and observe the colorful and soft texture of washi paper. Also during public holidays and summer holidays, various arts and crafts workshops are held in the Monozukuri area.


Name Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park
Website (In Japanese) https://www.kirienomori.jp
Address 1597 Shimoyama, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi
Access Approximately 5 minutes' taxi ride from JR Shimobe Onsen Station
Approximately 5 minutes' drive from the Shimobe Onsen Hayakawa IC on the Chubu-Odan Expressway
Business Hours Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum:
April to September: 9:30 to 17:30
October to March: 10:00 to 17:00
Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time
Roadside Station Minobu (Fujikawa Tourist Center): 9:00 to 17:00
Please see the website for activity times in the park.
Closed Craft Park: Open all year round
Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum and Roadside Station Minobu: Wednesdays (if Wednesday is a public holiday, then the following day), year-end and New Year's holidays
Inquiries TEL: 0556-62-5545
Admission Craft Park and Roadside Station Minobu: Free
Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum:
General admission: 500 yen; Elementary and junior high school students: 200 yen

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