Be Aware of Suspicious Emails (Phishing Emails) Purporting to Be About Refunds From ANA

We have become aware of the existence of emails purporting to be from the ANA Group that inform recipients that they can request a refund online by entering their ANA Mileage Club membership number, credit card number and other pieces of information on what is a fake website (phishing site).


Although ANA does send information to its customers via email regarding reservations and its products/services, we do not send emails that ask you to provide information such as your credit card number or pin number.


We ask all our customers to be extremely careful when receiving emails regarding matters of which they have no knowledge.

Senders and Titles of Actual Scam Emails Sent


  • ANA


  •, etc.


  • ANA All Nippon Airways Congratulation!

  • ANA Airways Refund: Customer ID JP[#].

  • Get a Refund of JPY 20,000 Online, etc.

Email Content

Scam emails are being sent out which state that the recipient is entitled to receive an online refund of JPY 20,000 by registering via the link provided.
Similar scam emails are also being sent from different senders under different titles.

Precautions to Prevent Being Scammed

  • Do not access the links contained in suspicious emails*1.

  • If you do click on the link, do not enter any personal details and close the site immediately.

  • * 1

    What Are Suspicious Emails?

    • Emails which do not have an addressee despite containing information for the customer 

    • Emails containing unnatural expressions for that language (in this case, Japanese)

    • Emails containing the names of companies and departments that do not actually exist

For further details, please refer to the Council of Anti-Phishing Japan website, where they have posted a warning regarding this phishing scam carried out under the name of ANA.