Changes to Some Fares for ANA Japan Domestic Flights

Some of the fares for ANA Japan domestic flights will be changed.

Effective Date

The new fares will apply for flight tickets purchased from April 24, 2024 onward.

  • The new fares and rules will also apply for flight tickets that are reserved prior to the effective date shown above but purchased thereon or thereafter.

Applicable Routes, Fares and Period, and Details of Changes

Applicable Routes Fares Period Details of Changes
All routes Premium Biz, Premium ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare, Biz, ANA Card Holder's Discount Fare, Senior Special, Youth Special Flight tickets that are purchased on or after April 24, 2024 and used to board a flight departing on or after April 24, 2024. The fare amounts will be changed.

Passengers Using ANA Japan Domestic Flights

  • The number of seats available for each fare is limited. Moreover, certain dates and flights may not be available with some fares.
    For the fare amounts, please go to the Seat Availability screen and confirm the fares that are currently available for reservation and the seat availability.

  • Fares and their applicable conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Furthermore, the fare amount that is valid at the time of purchase will apply. Please note that, if the fare amount for your flight changes after ticket purchase, you will neither be asked to pay nor be refunded the resulting difference. For further details, please see Fare Rules for Domestic Routes.

  • Other conditions also apply for using flights. Please see the Fares & Conditions for Domestic Flight.