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The latest information regarding our flight schedule from October 28, 2018 onward, including new operations, increases in the number of flights, and aircraft changes.

Fly to Global Destinations on ANA's Growing Fleet of Boeing 787s

New Operations

Start of services from Haneda to Vienna!  From February 17, 2019

Nonstop flights daily from Haneda as of February 2019! Aside from leisure and business travel to Vienna itself, you can also enjoy improved access to European destinations with onward connections from Vienna International Airport.


Haneda Departure/arrival

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time
NH205 Haneda 01:55 Vienna 06:00
NH206 Vienna 11:50 Haneda 06:55(+1)
  • * Departure and arrival times are all shown in local time. +1 is used to indicate that the flight will arrive on the following day. For example, 06:15 +1 means 06:15 on the following day.
  • * Subject to authorization from the relevant authorities. Flight schedules and aircraft are subject to change without prior notice.