Elderly passengers [Japan Domestic Flights]

We will provide assistance to seniors in various situations for their safe and pleasant journey.

Assistance for elderly passengers

Image of ANA Easy Travel for Seniors

We will provide assistance to seniors in various situations for their safe and pleasant journey.

How to make a reservation and other procedures


You can select your seat(s) when making reservations and purchases* on the ANA website, and the ANA Reservation and Information Center.

* Note, however, that from 3 days prior to (and including) your boarding date, you will need to purchase your ticket before you can specify your seats.
* Please note that your assigned seat may change due to aircraft changes or other reasons beyond ANA's control.

[To passengers aged 65 and over]
If there are vacant seats on the day, you can also use profitable "Senior Special".
* ANA has changed "Smart Senior Sorawari" to "Senior Special".

At the Departure Airport

We provide all necessary help, including guiding you to the boarding gate at departure and guiding you to the person picking you up at arrival.

Wheelchair rentals

Image of Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are available at all airports.Reclining wheelchairs and narrow aisle wheelchairs to reach your seat on the airplane are available at some airports.

Electric carts (only in Haneda Airport Terminal 2)

Image of electric cart

[Available time] 8:00AM-7:00PM
Passengers who have difficulty walking to the boarding gate can use electric carts in the Departure Gate Area in Haneda Airport Terminal 2.
Please ask counter staff for the service on the boarding date.

* Electric carts are limited in quantity and subject to certain restrictions.

Priority boarding at the gate

Image of a ticket gate reader

When boarding, we guide elderly passengers who require help before guiding other passengers.
If you wish to use this service, please contact ANA's boarding gate staff at your earliest convenience.

* This service may not be available due to flight status.

Inside the Cabin

Lending of cabin wheelchairs

Image of wheelchair

Our aircrafts are equipped with a cabin wheelchair for your convenience on board. Please do not hesitate to ask our cabin crew.

* Flights operated by Oriental Air Bridge are excluded.

Reliable service in the cabin

Image of uniform

We will gladly assist you with stowing your luggage.Please feel free to ask our cabin crew.
Please do not hesitate to contact our cabin crew if you need further assistance.

At the arrival airport

Image of wheelchair

We provide service in response to your requests such as guiding you to the person picking you up and guiding you to stops for public transport in the airport. Please feel free to ask our ground staff.

Notes on Using the Service

  • [Note to passengers using a wheelchair]
  • ・ Since cabin storage space is limited, you will be asked to check your own wheelchair at the counter.If you use ANA's wheelchair service, we will assist you in moving to your seat. Please let us know if you would like to use your own wheelchair to/from the aircraft.
  • ・ If you use an electric wheelchair, please let us know the size, weight and type of battery when you book your flight.Also, please check-in at least 60 minutes prior to your departure.
  • * There are certain limitations by law for checking in/carrying on electronically powered wheelchairs equipped with lithium ion batteries. Please review Spare Electric Wheelchair Batteries before your trip.
  • [Note to passengers using walkers (e.g., rollators)]
Image of Walker

Walkers in excess of the carry-on baggage size restrictions cannot be taken on board. Please check in such walkers at the check-in counter. We also have "Handy Walk" rollators (walking aids) available to borrow for use inside the airport.  Please let a member of staff know if you wish to use one. (Due to the limited quantity available, there may be occasions when we cannot provide you with a rollator.)


Business hours:6:30-22:00 (All year around)

Tokyo 03-6741-1120
Osaka 06-7637-6679

Dial a number above and select "1" when the automated voice system is prompted.

For passengers who require assistance

For your pleasant journey, ANA is happy to help you.

Pregnant women

We provide assistance for expectant mothers.

Passengers traveling with infants or small children

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with infants or small children.

ANA Junior Pilot (Unaccompanied minors)

We provide assistance for children aged 6 to 7 years old (up to 11 years old, if requested) traveling alone.

Passengers traveling with pets

We provide assistance for customers traveling with a much loved pet.

The ANA Group provides assistance for passengers with disabilities or for those who are ill or injured to assure a safe, secure and comfortable travel.