Image of in-flight shopping

Point 1

A great selection of goods at reasonable prices only available through duty free!

Products available on international flights In-Flight Shopping are duty free and reasonably priced! The product line-up is updated every two months! Over 100 different items are available at any time.
* The number of products available for sale varies by route.

Point 2

Limited edition items only available on In-Flight Duty-Free Shopping!

ANA Original products jointly developed with top brands, as well as many products that are not sold in Japan, are available. Furthermore, even some products made available ahead of releases in Japan, products sold in limited quantities and other rare items are also available!

Point 3

Use the "Pre-Order Service" to reserve a product!

After making a flight reservation/purchasing a ticket and placing an order for a product online, all you need to do is to pay for it while on board. This convenient service is available only to ANA Mileage Club members. All products are available for sale even to passengers flying short-distance routes. Some of the products are only available through the Pre-Order Service.
For the routes for which the service is not available, the applicable order period, and other details, please see "Information regarding the In-Flight Duty Free Pre-Order Service"(to Japanese Page)

Plus! Use your ANA card for purchases to take advantage of even better prices!

You will be given a 10% discount on the regular price of goods when you pay with an ANA card.
Please do take advantage of the convenient ANA card that functions as a credit card while earning miles for you.

You can earn miles by presenting your ANA Mileage Club card!

You will receive 1 mile for every 100 yen you spend on purchases. *Please note that miles cannot be registered retroactively.

ANA Mileage Club Card

No initial fee and no annual fee!  Apply here

ANA Card

With a credit card function!  Apply here(to Japanese Page)