Find out information about the ANA lounges for international flights at Haneda Airport Terminal 2.

Take a Look Inside

At Haneda Airport Terminal 2, ANA will be opening Japan's biggest international flight lounges in terms of both space and seating.
Their interiors are designed by the internationally renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma based on the concept of "Ichigo ichie" (treasure every encounter as if it were once in a lifetime). With their impressive architecture giving a real sense of Japanese tradition and design recalling a traditional Japanese garden, they serve as a worthy gateway to passengers departing from Japan. In addition, the ambient and artistic lighting imbues the whole of the lounges with a natural blue color. Take a moment to relax before departure and experience ANA's unique brand of Japanese hospitality.

Dining / Drink Service


Dining Area (3rd Floor)

Visit this dining area for a relaxing meal. Use our new service "SUITE DINING" which provides a different set meal depending on the time of day. Alternatively, take your pick from the excellent selection of food options available at the buffet counter and noodle bar. Guests can also take advantage of a wide variety of drinks.

BAR Counter (4th Floor)

Enjoy a drink or two from one of our bartenders, including a variety of cocktails, wines, Japanese sake, and beers. In the morning, you can also perk yourself up with a coffee from one of our baristas, such as an espresso or caffè latte.

Buffet Counter (4th Floor)

We also serve a wide variety of items in keeping with the time of day in our buffet lineup.


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ANA SUITE LOUNGE in the 3rd floor features "SUITE DINING" which provides a different set meal depending on the time of day.

  • Please kindly note that our menu lineups are subject to change due to countermeasures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


The ANA SUITE LOUNGE reception and the traditional stone path and bamboo grove evoke a Japanese garden, and provide a special sense of relaxation.

There is also a napping area with beds and recliner chairs so you can get some much-needed rest.

Spend some private time in one of our individual chair booths, which come complete with their own TV.

Lounge Map

  • Toilets
  • Multi-purpose Lavatories
  • Dining
  • Noodle Bar
  • Bar
  • Nap Room
  • Private Room
  • Nursing Room
  • Smoking Area
  • Baggage Lockers
  • Shower
  • Changing Room
  • Photocopier/Fax Machine
  • Phone Call Area

Lounge Information



Hours of Operation

5:00 AM until departure of final flight of the day

BAR Counter
6:00 AM - 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM - 12:30 AM (scheduled)


Beyond immigration at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Facilities and Service Details

Toilets, multi-purpose lavatories, showers, phone call area, photocopier/fax machine, baggage lockers, nursing room, diaper changing table, smoking area, food/drink service, newspapers, magazines, Wi-Fi service

Access Criteria

Eligible Customers

Eligibility varies by both boarding class and member status.

First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Diamond Service, Platinum Service, ANA Super Flyers Card, Star Alliance Gold

Other Information