ECONOMY CLASS Duty-Free Shopping

Information is available here on the in-flight duty-free shopping options available to passengers traveling in Economy Class on ANA international flights. ANA in-flight sales boasts a wide product lineup at low duty-free prices.

Special Notice
  • Special Notice of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Our in-flight duty free sales service and pre-order service for international flights will restart as of December 10, 2020. In consideration of hygiene, we will implement the following infection prevention measures.
    • You can confirm the items on sale on your seat monitor.
    • If you wish to view the ANA SKY SHOP magazine, please ask a cabin attendant.
    • We will accept orders on board via the seat monitors.
      • If unsupported aircraft, please use the order form.
    • The handling of cash on board will be discontinued. Only credit cards, ANA Gift Cards/ANA Travel Vouchers and ANA Value Vouchers (incl. ANA Diamond Service Domestic/International In-Flight Sales Coupons) can be used for purchases made on board.
  • Pre-Order Service information

Duty-Free Shopping
Advantages of
Duty-free Shopping

  • POINT 1

    Use your ANA card for purchases to get 10% discount and accumulate miles.

  • POINT 2

    A great selection of goods at reasonable prices only available through duty free!

  • POINT 3

    Limited edition items only available on In-Flight Duty-Free Shopping!

Recommended Item July - October

ANA SKY SHOP offers different products on different routes.
Check the route of your flight and choose products.

Digital book


Please check our ANA SKY SHOP Digital book for the product list in July-October.

  • There may be cases that some portable devices are not available to use.

In-flight duty-free orders made easier.

Information on In-flight Duty Free Pre-order Service

Pre-Order Service information

You can reserve products available during In-flight duty-free shopping service prior to departure.
Please take advantage of the wide selection of goods at reasonable prices available only as duty free. We recommend you make a reservation early as some of the limited products are scarce.

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