ECONOMY CLASS Wi-Fi/Entertainment

Information is available here on in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment options for passengers traveling in Economy Class on ANA international flights.

  • There are reported cases in which the contents of in-flight magazines cannot be displayed in ANA App running with iOS15.
    If you cannot browse, please check the OS version of your device.
    You can download "SKY CHANNEL" in PDF on this page.
    We will report to you as soon as the response is completed.
  • NEW service launched! In-Flight Magazines, e-Library now enjoyable on ANA app.
  • From the September 2021 edition onward, ANA SKY CHANNEL, our in-flight entertainment guide, has been revamped with an exciting new design that makes it easier to read on digital devices.
  • Termination of Game Service
    With the spread of game applications and portable game consoles, the game service of In-flight Entertainment Program was terminated as of December 31, 2021 (JST).
    Please note that In-flight video, Audio programs, e-library and other services will be expanded and enhanced.

ANA In-flight entertainment services make air travel more enjoyable and new.

With the concepts of "Reading in the sky", "Learn in the sky", and "Watching in the sky"
We propose new ways of spending time in the cabin with the concepts.

  • Unlimited reading of digital magazines and newspapers with the ANA app *1.
  • Started a tie-up with "Hobonichi School", which provides a place for learning online. The cabin becomes a classroom.
  • Check out the hottest new movies and works of a wide range of genres on ANA's in-flight.

Program Details

Please check ANA SKY CHANNEL Digital book for program details.


  • You are about to move to a non-ANA service. The privacy policy and terms of use of the respective site will apply.
  • There may be cases that some portable devices are not available to use.
  • Some of the programs available may vary, depending on the route and the aircraft of your flight.
  • Kindly note that the in-flight entertainment program has a fixed installation schedule which is installed on each Aircraft at the end of previous month. This cannot be changed on an ad-hoc basis. Thank you for your understanding.

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In-flight Entertainment Lineup

Recommended Movies

  • DUNE
    © 2022 Legendary and Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved
    © 2022 MARVEL
      © 2022 20th Century Studios
    • And So The Baton Is Passed
      © 2021 "And So The Baton Is Passed" Film Partners
    • Baragaki: Unbroken Samurai
      © 2021「燃えよ剣」製作委員会

    Recommended short programs

  • Ame-Talk!
  • GOOD LUCK!! Eps. 1~10
    • The Quest
      ©NIPPON TV
    • The Good Doctor -Season 4 Eps.4, 5, 7
      © 2020 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.
    • Programs may be changed without notice. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated.
    • On some flights, some programs at the beginning and end of the month may differ from those indicated.
    • The inflight entertainment line up varies according to the type of controller provided.

    MY SKY CHANNEL on the official ANA app

    Enhance your in-flight entertainment experience with your phone.

    The official ANA app now has a new feature called MY SKY CHANNEL. Use this feature to check in-flight contents before boarding and make a list of favorites. You can also synchronize your list of pre-selected favorite contents to the personal monitor by connecting your device on board. After connecting your smartphone to the monitor, you can use it as a remote controller to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search for the next content, while enjoying a content on your personal monitor.

    • The official ANA app must be installed before boarding.
    • Unavailable on tablets.
    Available Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER (new 212-seat configuration)
    Boeing 787-10

    How to Use

    The official ANA mobile app must be downloaded before boarding.
    • Download on the App Store
    • ANDROID APP ON Google Play
    1. Launch the ANA app and open the sidebar menu

    For Android phones, tap the side menu on the top left corner of the app screen.
    For iOS phones, tap More on the bottom right corner of the app screen.

    2. Start International MY SKY CHANNEL

    Tap International MY SKY CHANNEL from the menu list to connect.

    3. Create a Favorite List from the list of contents before boarding

    Select the contents you want to watch from the list and tap FAVORITE. The selected contents will then be added to Favorites on the bottom right of the app screen.

    4. Connect your device to your personal monitor on board

    Synchronize your Favorite List to the personal monitor, and use your device as a remote controller to enjoy the contents.