Pre-paid Extra Baggage [International Flights]

This is a convenient service that allows you to pay additional charges in advance on the ANA website for baggage which exceeds the free checked baggage allowance.
Make check-in smoother with no need to pay at the airport on the departure date.

  • Advance payment for extra baggage is available via the ANA website as of May 30, 2018 (for departures on and after June 5, 2018).

Service Details

This convenient service allows you to pay charges in advance on the ANA website for one piece of extra baggage in excess of the free allowance for itineraries where the ANA baggage rules* apply.

*You can confirm the applicable baggage rules on the reservation confirmation screen.

Free Baggage Allowance + 1 Piece of Baggage

First Class Free baggage allowance (3 pieces) + Extra baggage (1 piece) Business Class / Economy Class (including Premium Economy) Free baggage allowance (2 pieces) + Extra baggage (1 piece)
  • *There are weight and size restrictions in place for individual pieces of baggage.
  • *This service is not available for two or more pieces of extra baggage. In this instance, we kindly ask you to pay the excess baggage charges at the airport counter.
  • *ANA Premium members are entitled to additional free baggage allowance (free baggage allowance for the applicable boarding class + 1 extra piece free of charge).


This service is available to customers who will travel on an ANA-operated international flight under an ANA flight number, and have one piece of baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance.

Not available for reservations made on the Mexico site.

Eligible Tickets
Flights tickets which have a ticket number beginning with 205

Itinerary Conditions
- The itinerary must not include any US or Canadian cities.
- The sector(s) for which the Pre-paid Extra Baggage application is made must not:
 ・Include a codeshare flight(s) and/or flight(s) operated by another airline
 ・Be the Japan domestic sector(s) only
 ・Have a separately printed flight ticket


The charges will vary depending on the flight sector and departure location.
Please note that charges will be converted into the currency used on the website for the country or region where the request was made.


Area 1 Mexico
Area 2 Europe
Area 3 Asia (including Japan), Oceania

Applicable Fees

Sector/Departure Location Japan Europe Departure locations other than those to the left
Flight sectors within any of the above areas JPY 10,000 - USD 100
Flight sectors across the above areas JPY 20,000 EUR 150 USD 200

Application / Payment

How to Apply
Please apply from the Reservation Details screen after purchasing your ticket on the ANA website.
(The Apply button will not be displayed if your are not eligible for this service or try to apply outside of the application period.)

Application Period
From when ticket purchase is completed until no later than 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight on the itinerary

Payment Method
Credit card*1 or PayPal*2

*1 Alipay and China UnionPay cards can be used on the China site.
*2 Excluding the China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia sites.

Changes / Cancellations

Changes and cancellations cannot be made at the airport counter.


Deadline for Changes
Until no later than 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight on the itinerary

Change Procedures
1. Please carry out the procedures for changing flights on the ANA website.
2. Your Pre-paid Extra Baggage charge will be refunded. *1
3. Please submit new Pre-paid Extra Baggage requests for the flights you have changed.


Refunds can be provided after application.

Refund Procedures
1. Please carry out the procedures for canceling flights on the ANA website.
2. Your Pre-paid Extra Baggage charge will be refunded. *1

*1 We will notify you by email when your refund has been successfully processed. (Please note that this may take one or two days.)

Points to Note

  • - This service is not available if your checked baggage includes items which exceed the size and weight limitations. In this instance, we kindly request that you check in your baggage at the airport counter.
  • - If you would like to request a refund for the Pre-paid Extra Baggage charge only (and not for the flight itself), please contact ANA by telephone.