For passengers traveling with pets [International Flight]

We provide assistance for customers traveling with a much loved pet.

For passengers traveling with pets

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We provide assistance for passengers traveling with a much loved pet.

* Pet care will vary when transporting separate cargo.
Please ask for details at the cargo service in the airport where your pet is checked in.

* This service applies to only to ANA operated flights. For code-share flights, please check with the operating carrier.

Please note
Prior to checking in your pet, please read "For Your Pet's Safe Journey".

Flow of check-in

Flow from check-in to arrival

1. Check-in counter

Please prepare documents required for importing/exporting your pet in advance, and arrive earlier than usual to the check-in counter. If your pet is subject to quarantine inspection at the departure airport*, please come to the counter after completing inspection*.

* If you plan to go through inspection on the day of departure, please check the acceptance time of the quarantine station and make sure you have plenty of time for check-in.

Image of checking in pets at a check-in counter

2. Pet check-in

Sign Consent and Release form and pay excess baggage charge. Then, check-in is completed.

Image of completed pet check-in at a counter

3. To the aircraft

Your pet is delivered to the aircraft by a truck.
* It might receive the influence of the reflective heat in the parking place or the outside temperature during the summer.

Image of delivering the checked pet to the aircraft by a truck

4. In the cargo room

Your pet is carried into the bulk cargo room.
The space is air-conditioned as same as cabin but it might receive the influence of the outside temperature.

Image of carrying the checked pet into the bulk cargo room

5. Pick-up at the destination airport

Your much-loved pet is handled carefully by our staff and returned directly to you.

Image of returning the pet directly to customer from staff at the destination airport