The iPhone Wallet app [Japan Domestic Routes]

You can now board ANA Japan domestic routes and international routes with Apple's iPhone (iOS 9.0 and above) Wallet app. Users can experience seamless travel with Wallet!

iPhone image

The iPhone Wallet app

Now available for ANA Japan domestic routes and international routes!

What is Wallet?

Wallet is an iPhone (iOS 9.0 and above) app developed by Apple as a solution for keeping tickets, passes and membership cards organized.
Passengers who have registered their pass will be notified via Wallet if their flight status changes (including if their flight is canceled or delayed) within the 2 days prior to departure or on the departure date itself.

*Customers using devices installed with iOS 9.0 or above can use the Wallet app.
・On devices installed with iOS 6.0 to 8.4.1, you can use the Passbook app.
・Wallet cannot be used on the iPad.
・Wallet is not available on Android™ devices.

Register for the Pass: how to use it for boarding

[STEP1] Add a flight to Wallet from the My Booking screen

After you purchase your ANA domestic route ticket, please register each flight in Wallet from the [My booking screen] on the ANA smartphone site.

Image of Add flight to Wallet from the My Booking screen

[STEP2] Register the obtained pass with the app

Tap [Add] on the upper right corner of the pass to complete registration.
The ANA Pass will be created within the Wallet app. Open the app to view.

Image of 'Register the obtained pass with the app'

STEP3: Display the Pass

Once you have completed the seat reservation, you can use the 2D barcode displayed on the pass to access the SKiP Service.
-SKiP Service Details

Image of 'Display the Pass'

Flight Status Notification

Passengers will be notified via their pass if their flight status, departure time, etc. changes within the 2 days prior to departure or on the departure date itself. Upon accessing your pass after receiving a notification, you will see circles over the details that have changed.

  • *The change will only be circled when accessing the Pass from the notification.
iPhone image
Image of ○ 'delay' icon on iPhone

If a delay occurs, "Delayed" will be displayed and the updated information will be circled.


  • ・Registration for the Pass will need to be done per flight sector. For those with two or more sectors, please register one by one. However, if your connecting flights are on the same day, please register the connecting sector before check-in for the first sector (before passing through security if using the SKiP service).
  • ・Passengers on tours can use pass from 21 days before departure.Lounges may not be available for all journeys.Please contact the agent handling your booking for details.
  • ・The flight status notification will only be delivered if you are connected to the Internet.Please note that alerts may not be delivered at certain times due to reception or connectivity.
  • ・If the departure time changes, the updated information will be reflected on the pass.
  • ・After obtaining your pass, any changes to your reservation details (including those attributable to ANA) will not be updated automatically to the pass. To update these details, you will need to obtain the pass again.
  • ・Tap the "…" icon on the upper right to check your boarding information.
  • ・The pass will not automatically be deleted after boarding.Please delete the pass manually.Follow the procedure below to delete the pass.
    [How to delete the pass]
    (1) Display the pass you want to delete.
    (2) Tap the "…" icon on the upper right.
    (3) Tap "Remove Pass" to display the "Remove" button. Tap the "Remove" button to finish deleting the pass.
  • ・Passes with multiple pages may not display correctly when selected from the pass list.
  • ・The above image is representative of the "Wallet".
  • *iPod touch and Passbook/Wallet are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.