Official ANA Social Media Accounts

Introducing ANA's social media, where you can find great information and special deals.



We post the smiles of ANA Group employees and airplane photos, the latest information and specials, as well as secure, heart-warming, and delightful information.


LINE ANA Official Account (Japanese only)

Get recommendations and deals from ANA!

■Wallpaper Giveaway
Download free original wallpapers every month including ones featuring Soracchi, the much-loved cloud fairy from ANA's official LINE sticker sets.
To get yours, send Soracchi a message with the word "wallpaper"!

■Chat with Soracchi
Chat with Soracchi on the chat screen to get information on special deals, including fare recommendations and tips on earning miles.

■Soracchi's Travel Recommendations
From popular beach resorts to affordable food holidays, get destination recommendations and travel information from Soracchi for your upcoming trips!

■Get ANA Official Line Stickers
For ANA LINE friends only! Stickers available on an irregular basis for limited periods only!
*There are currently no stickers available. Be sure to keep an eye out for more fun stickers to come!

Receive flight ticket deals and the latest information on recommended travel spots! Soracchi wallpaper giveaway! Updated monthly! Send Soracchi a message with the word "wallpaper"! Add us to your LINE friends and talk to Soracchi!

How to add ANA Official Account as a "Friend"

To get the latest news from ANA, ANA's Official Account on LINE, you must add "ANA" as a friend.
Add using the following steps.

  1. Search for ANA using the search box at the top of your Friends page.
  2. Display the account information and tap Add to add ANA as a friend.

*To go to the Add Friends screen on LINE, PC users should use the QR Code image and smartphone users should use the Add Friend button.

LINE post message, timeline sample

* Japanese only


Twitter ANA Official Account

"ANA Travel Tweets"

Get timely tweets about special fares and campaigns, as well as nuggets of information that will make you want to travel.

【How to follow @ANA_travel_info】
1. Sign up or log in to Twitter
2. Access and click the "Follow" button
3. Complete when "Followed" appears on the screen

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"ANA Flight Forecast"

Offering customer support by posting fare forecasts for Japan domestic and international flights, as well as responding to questions or tweets about airfare.

【How to follow @ANA_flight_info】
1. Sign up or log in to Twitter
2. Access and click the "Follow" button
3. Complete when "Followed" appears on the screen

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「ANA Group News」

The ANA Group Official News Account Bringing you the latest press releases, press conferences, notices and media coverage from the ANA Group.

【How to follow @ANA_travel_info】
1. Sign up or login to Twitter.
2. Go to and click the Follow button.
3. The process is complete when Followed appears on the screen.

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【English】"All Nippon Airways"

【English】"ANA Flight Info"

View the latest ANA commercials and in-flight programs.

  • You tube   ANA Global  CH sample

ANA delivers the joyful moment in journey through Instagram ♪

【How to follow】
1. Sign up or log in to Instagram
2. Search "@ana.japan" and click the "Follow" button
3. Completed when the button changed to "Followed"

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