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CLUB Panasonic Coins

Club Panasonic Coins
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CLUB Panasonic is a free member site from Panasonic that helps you to create a comfortable life.
With CLUB Panasonic, you can find a full range of useful information on how to use and care for your Panasonic products, as well as information on special promotions!
You can also use the CLUB Panasonic Coins you earned through Panasonic product purchases and promotions at official online store "Panasonic Store Plus", or redeem them for ANA miles.

  • Service is available in Japanese only.


  • This partnership will end as of January 31, 2024, after which the accumulation of miles will no longer be available.

Mileage Accrual

Mileage Accrual Rate

300 CLUB Panasonic Coins = 75 miles

Redemption Increment

300 CLUB Panasonic Coins = 75 miles

Maximum Mileage Redemption Limit (Per Year)


Redemption Handling Fee


Mileage Accrual Eligibility

ANA Mileage Club members who have registered as CLUB Panasonic Coin members.

How to Accrue Miles

Log into the CLUB Panasonic Coins website and complete the mileage redemption procedures. (Text is available in Japanese only.)


  • Clicking the link will lead to a non-ANA website, at which point the privacy policy of that website will apply to personal information protection.

Mileage Accrual Date

After submitting the application, approximately 2-3 days will be required for the miles to be credited to the mileage balance.


  • Service is available in Japanese only.

  • If the wrong 10-digit ANA Mileage Club number is entered, miles may not be credited to the correct ANA Mileage Club account and the CLUB Panasonic Coins used for redemption may not be returned.

  • CLUB Panasonic Coins which have been redeemed for miles cannot be converted back into coins.

  • Redemption of CLUB Panasonic Coins for miles is not automatic. A request must be submitted each time.

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CLUB Panasonic Coins