Notice of cancellation and extra flights due to the earthquake in Hokuriku area【Updated February 7】

To those who have been affected by the earthquake in Hokuriku area, please accept our deepest sympathies.

We would like to inform you about ANA-operated flights departing and arriving at Noto Airport. 


From January 02 to March 28

  Noto : all day cancelled                                                                                                    


From January27 to March 28
 Extra flights will be operated according to the following schedule.

 Please check the latest flight information for each flight.

*Operation date

   Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from January 27, 2024 to March 28, 2024 (3 flights per week)

*Extra flights schedule

   【From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Noto Airport】

     Flight ANA 1451  Tokyo Haneda Airport 10:30 Departure - Noto Airport 11:30 Arrival

   【From Noto Airport to Tokyo Haneda Airport】

        Flight ANA 1452  Noto Airport 13:50 Departure - Tokyo Haneda Airport 14:55 Arrival

          (March 21: Noto Airport 13:55 Departure - Tokyo Haneda Airport 15:00 Arrival)

  *Click here to check the schedule for each day of extra flights.


The flight status of ANA flights to and from Noto Airport from March 29 will be announced on this page.However, please note that due to the road conditions around Noto Airport, bus, taxi, and other transportation services, as well as restaurants and shops in the airport terminal, may not have resumed.

Ishikawa Prefecture has also sent out a message to refrain from unnecessary and hasty transfers to the Noto area.

Please check the local conditions in advance on the Ishikawa Prefecture’s website.



*Information about business hours at Noto Airport from January 27 to March 28

       ANA counter hours (reservations, ticketing, and refunds) 

                            10:30 - 15:00 (daily)

      Check-in , baggage check-in, and security inspection   

                            90 minutes before departure until 20 minutes before departure

                            (only on operation days *Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

 The start time of check-in  is subject to change depending on flight status and local conditions.



*Special measures for domestic flight tickets

  Tickets can be changed or refunded with no charge due to the earthquake in Hokuriku area.
  Please click here for more information.



*Price Reduction of ANA VALUE Fare as "Noto Recovery Support Discount*

ANA, in cooperation with Ishikawa Prefecture, has set up the Noto Reconstruction Support Discount to provide reconstruction assistance and transportation for secondary evacuees and others.

ANA VALUE fares, which can be purchased until the day before boarding, have been reduced from February 8 to March 28.

Example: ANA VALUE1 from Noto to Tokyo (Haneda) will be available for 10,000 yen and up.

A separate Passenger Facility Charge will be assessed.


February 7, 2024

All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd.