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Encounter the dreams of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his generals in the ruins of Hizen-Nagoya Castle

Karatsu, Saga Prefecture

Hizen-Nagoya Castle Ruins

Hizen-Nagoya Castle in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Today, the stone walls and ruins of the generals’ battle camps are all that remain of the castle. You can gain a history lesson at the adjacent Nagoya Castle Museum. The site is also famous for its cherry blossoms, attracting many visitors in the spring. Hideyoshi, who succeeded in unifying the whole country, built this castle about 420 years ago. Some of Japan’s most famous generals, including Tokugawa Ieyasu, Date Masamune, Maeda Toshiie, and Kato Kiyomasa, gathered on this site at Hideyoshi’s orders to prepare for the invasion of Korea. Even today, visitors can gaze out on the islands of Iki and Tsushima from the ruins of the castle keep.

Famous for its cherry blossoms, in spring, Somei-Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom throughout the castle grounds.

With a total area of 170,000 square meters, Nagoya Castle was second in size only to Osaka Castle. It is considered an important castle ruins in Japanese castle history for retaining the features of the beginning of the Early Modern Period. Many stone walls still remain in various parts of the extensive castle grounds.
The "Nagoya Castle Museum" is located next to the castle ruins, where visitors can learn about the history of Japan and the Korean peninsula.



Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu
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Approx. 90 minutes by car from Fukuoka Airport
40-50 minutes by bus on the Chiga-Nagoya Line from Karatsu Oteguchi Bus Center and a short walk from the "Nagoya Castle Museum Entrance" bus stop.


Nagoya Castle Ruins Tourist Information Center 0955-82-5774


¥100 (voluntary) contribution to the maintenance of historical heritage

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