Privacy Policy of ANA Sales Co., Ltd.

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Basic Policy

In conducting the travel business and entrusted business as the main business of ANA Sales Co., Ltd. (“ANA Sales”) and other services related to operations incidental to those business (hereinafter referred to as the “Travel Services”), our customers’ personal information is essential in order for us to provide fully satisfactory services. We recognize the importance of the information received from our customers, and make efforts to take the utmost care in handling such information.
In order to have our customers utilize ANA Sales with a sense of safety and trust, we educate our executives and employees thoroughly about laws and company regulations related to personal information. In addition, we have established our company’s structure to include measures for safety, thereby exerting maximum effort toward appropriate management and use of each customer’s personal information.

Purpose of Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide our customers with a sense of safety and trust on an ongoing basis by ensuring the protection of their personal information.

Chapter 1. Handling of Personal Information at ANA Sales

1. Introduction

The Privacy Policy explains how personal information obtained by ANA Sales from customers is utilized. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully when using ANA Sales’ services and products. When using ANA Sales’ services and products you shall be deemed to have understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy.

2. Scope of application of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy will apply to all the personal information used in the business of ANA Sales, including that which customers enter when using our services and products.

3. Handling of personal information

ANA Sales will handle customers’ personal information concerning the implementation of its Travel Services appropriately and carefully in accordance with its internal rules, in addition to establishing the personal information protection management system based on the actual condition of its operation as a control system for protecting personal information.
We will continuously review and improve our personal information protection management system. These efforts will be made by the personal information protection manager (General Manager of General Administration & Personnel Dept.) under his/her responsibility.

(1) Acquisition of personal information and the purpose of use

ANA Sales will obtain customers’ personal information after clarifying the purposes of such acquisition, by fair and appropriate means to the extent deemed necessary for the purpose of achieving the previously mentioned purposes.
ANA Sales utilizes personal information obtained from customers for the following purposes:

  • ・ Notification of Travel Services and provision of products
  • ・ Arrangements of transportation/accommodations under Travel Services, etc. and the receipt of those services
  • ・ Guidance and information provision for travel products and various events and campaigns
  • ・ Implementation of questionnaires concerning service and products, etc.
  • ・ Development of new services and products
  • ・ Receipt of application for insurance under insurance agency operations
  • ・ Response to inquiries, requests, complaints, and consultation, etc.

(2) Use of the personal information on ANA Mileage Club membership

ANA Sales may use personal information of members of ANA Mileage Club, operated by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. in accordance with ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions, to the extent necessary for achieving ANA Sales’ purposes of use of customers’ personal information.

(3) Handling of credit card information

The credit card information ANA Sales obtained will be used for credit card settlement only and will be saved until the completion of settlement. At the time of receiving credit card information, we will clarify the credit card company to which the information is provided.

(4) Disclosure and provision of information to a third party

ANA Sales will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third parties except under the following circumstances. Note that provision of information to business entrusted companies is not deemed to constitute disclosure or provision to third parties.

  • 1) Customer consent has been obtained.
  • 2) Disclosure or provision is required in accordance with laws or regulations.
  • 3) Disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult.
  • 4) Disclosure is required to cooperate with the public affairs of national or local governments, and when obtaining customer consent is likely to hinder the administration of public affairs.
  • 5) Disclosure or provision of information is done as statistical data, in a format that does not disclose the customer's identity.
  • 6) Data is shared based on “(5) Data sharing.”

(5) Data sharing

ANA Sales will share customers’ personal information it holds, such as the name, address, phone number, email address, itinerary, among the ANA group companies mentioned below, to the minimum extent necessary to contact our customers.
The ANA group companies may use the shared data to provide information on each group company, its products, and the details of its events or to deliver purchased products.

  • 1) Scope of Data Sharing
    ANA group (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., Air Japan Co., Ltd, ANA WINGS Co., Ltd.) 
    ANA Sales Americas, ATC
  • 2) Party responsible for management of personal information
    Personal information protection manager of ANA Sales Co., Ltd. (General Manager of General Administration & Personnel Dept.)

(6) Business entrustment

ANA Sales may entrust part of its business operations to third parties to which personal information may also be disclosed to the extent necessary. In these cases, ANA Sales will implement all appropriate measures in supervising such third parties, including establishing agreements on the handling of such personal information with them.

4. Transfer to outside of Japan

If ANA Sales provides customers’ personal information to third party business operators outside of Japan, including business entrusted companies and data sharing partners, it will take necessary and appropriate measures in keeping with laws and regulations.

5. Implementation of safety measures

ANA Sales implements information security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of customers’ personal information. It saves such personal information in an environment that general users cannot access, so that unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration, leak, etc, of such information are completely prevented. In addition, when it is decided that an improvement of our information security measures is required in light of results of internal audits, actual cases of security incidents at other companies, or requests by customers, ANA Sales will promptly correct the measures.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations and other rules

ANA Sales will comply with laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information, guidelines presented by the supervisory authorities (such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and other rules.

7. Maintenance and improvement of personal information

In order for the personal information of customers to be handled properly, at ANA Sales we educate our executives and employees, and check through internal audits, etc. if such information is handled properly. In addition, we will strive to continuously improve our personal information protection management system.

8. Request about handling of Personal Information

ANA Sales respects the rights of customers. If we receive a request from a customer, submitted in the manner specified, for disclosure etc. (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, erasure, or discontinuance of the provision to a third party of the customer’s personal information held by ANA Sales), the request will be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe and scope, after confirming that the request was submitted by the customer himself/herself.

(1) Request for disclosure

Personal information items will be disclosed in accordance with the customer’s request.

(2) Request for correction, deletion, or addition

Correction, deletion, or addition of personal information will be undertaken wherever appropriate and possible after due review of the request.

(3) Request for discontinuance or erasure

The use of personal information items designated by the customer will be discontinued, and the relevant information erased if so desired, wherever appropriate and possible, in accordance with the submitted request.

ANA Sales may decline part or all of the customers’ requests if meeting such requests is likely to harm the life, health, property, etc. of such customers or a third party, would seriously impact the implementation of our business operations, or result in a violation of laws and regulations.

9. Submission of request for disclosure, etc. and inquiries

For requests in the preceding paragraph concerning personal information of customers subject to disclosure, as specified by ANA Sales, and inquiries such as complaints and consultation relating to personal information, refer to the following:

(1) Contact point

For requests for disclosure etc. (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, erasure, or discontinuance of the provision to a third party of customers’ personal information held by ANA Sales), please send the specified application form after filling in all of the required items, together with the required documents, by postal mail to the address below.

Personal Information Handling Desk, General Administration & Personnel Dept., Headquarters, ANA Sales Co., Ltd. / Front Place Nihonbashi, 2-14-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan

For questions in submitting the request for disclosure, etc. or other consultation or inquiries, send the required documents by postal mail to the above address or send an email to the following email address.
Personal Information Administrator of ANA Sales:

Please check this for inquiries concerning reservation details, etc. of packaged tours of ANA Sales.

(2) Documents to be submitted for request for disclosure, etc. and fees

In making “a request for disclosure, etc.”, please fill in all the required items in the applicable application form below and send it together with identity verification documents by postal mail. Customer requests for disclosure, etc., may not be acknowledged if any of the required information is missing. For application forms, please download from the link below.

  • 1) Predetermined application form

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  • 2) Fees
    Applicants are charged a fee of 1,000 JPY for each application for disclosure/the notification of purpose of use.

(3) Authorized personal information protection organization to which ANA Sales belongs and contact point for resolving complaints

ANA Sales is a member of the following authorized personal information protection organization. When a complaint against ANA Sales relating to the handling of personal information is not solved with ANA Sales, customers may ask the authorized personal information protection organization for help so that the complaint will be solved.

  • 1) Name of authorized personal information protection organization
  • 2) Contact point for resolving complaints
    Consultation Desk for Complaints concerning Personal Information Protection, PrivacyMark Promotion Center
    Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
    Phone: 03-5860-7565 0120-700-779
    (This is not a contact point for inquiries for products/services of ANA Sales.)

(4) Opinions and questions concerning personal information protection

If you have opinions/questions relating to personal information, please contact the contact point described in 9-(1).

10. Modification of the Privacy Policy

ANA Sales may make modifications to this Privacy Policy. If modifications are made, details will be posted on the ANA website (, so please be sure to read carefully the contents of any changes that have been made.

Chapter 2. Handling of personal information of EEA residents at ANA

Besides Chapter 1, Chapter 2 also shall be applied to the handling of personal information of persons residing in the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as “EEA”) based on the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive “95/46/EC.” In the event that any provisions of this chapter contradict those of chapter 1, the provisions of this chapter shall prevail.

1. Introduction

A guardian’s consent or permission must be obtained in the event that a customer under the age of 16 uses ANA Sales’ service and consents to this Privacy Policy. The data subject’s consent to this Privacy Policy must be obtained in the event where a person is applying for service of ANA Sales on behalf of the data subject, such as his/her group or family member, or for a person with eyesight or hearing impairments.

2. Request about handling of Personal Information

If ANA Sales receives from an EEA resident a request relating to customers’ personal information it holds, besides Chapter 1, Article 8 (Request about handling of Personal Information), such request will be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe and scope, after confirming that the request was submitted by the customer himself/herself.

(1) Request for withdrawal of consent

Personal information will be deleted or suspended in accordance with the customer’s request, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request.
However, please note that such requests may prevent customers from being provided with services that they had utilized, or may impede the provision of services in accordance with their wishes.

(2) Request for data portability

A copy of the personal information held by ANA Sales will be provided in accordance with the customer’s request, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request.

(3) Objection to data processing

The use of personal information will be suspended, wherever possible and appropriate, after due review of the request.

(4) Making a request

Customers may submit the requests mentioned in the above (1) through (3) by the method provided in Chapter 1, Article 9 (Submission of request for disclosure, etc. and inquiries). Customers may use the following forms for submission.

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3. Transfer to outside of EEA

ANA Sales may provide the customers’ personal data to third parties, such as its affiliates and business entrusted companies, to implement the purposes of use specified above. Since countries located outside the EEA (including, without limitation, Japan and the U.S., the same shall apply hereafter) are among the locations of third parties to whom ANA Sales will disclose the personal data of the customers, the customers shall be deemed as having consented to the following matters by consenting to the Privacy Policy:

  • (1) In the case that the country in which the third party is located is outside the EEA, such country does not have the same data protection laws as the EEA, and many of the rights provided in the EEA to the data subjects of the data will not necessarily be provided.
  • (2) The customers’ personal data may be provided for the purposes specified above to third parties outside the EEA.

4. Change of purposes of use of personal data

In the case of a change to the purposes of use of personal data, ANA Sales will announce the revised Privacy Policy in advance on ANA website (

5. Lodging a complaint with an authority

Customers have the right to lodge a complaint on the processing of their personal data with the data protection authority having jurisdiction over their residence. Please use the following URL to contact the authority having jurisdiction over your residence:

6. The contact information of data protection officer

Data protection officer of ANA Sales is Personal Information Administrator, and you can contact him/her at

Established on: April 1, 2007

Last revised on: May 15, 2018

Junichiro Miyagawa
President and CEO, ANA Sales Co., Ltd.