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Discover the San'in Cuisine: The Freshest Gifts From the Land and the Sea

San'in is a land blessed by both mountains and water. The sea provides a plentiful bounty of fish both abundant and varied. The local fruits and vegetables are always fresh and tasty. Rice, a staple of the local diet, is also enriched by the clean natural water.

Enjoy a Rich and Varied Assortment of Food

Along the coast of San'in you'll find an assortment of delicious fish, a gift from the Sea of Japan. Squid is a delicacy here and is always served fresh, especially as sashimi. In fact, you can spot many of the squid fishing boats along the docks. They're easy to recognize from the hanging lights used to attract the squids at night.

Other famous dishes are the Matsuba crab from Tottori prefecture, oysters and “sazae” (horned turban). Accompanying every meal in San'in are fresh vegetables that change depending on the season. Many fruits are enjoyed here as well, two notable ones being nashi pears and figs. Local sweets are often made with these seasonal fruits.

Where to Visit

  • Oki Islands

    Fish doesn't get much fresher than here: head over to the Oki Islands to enjoy a bowl of delicious seafood in one of the restaurants by the port. Local specialties include squid, bluefin tuna, Japanese amberjack and shellfish. Want a unique treat? Look out for the “nodoguro” or blackthroat seaperch.

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  • Daisen

    As Wagyu or Japanese beef can be enjoyed throughout the country, in the area of Mount Daisen you will also find Daisendori, a brand of chicken produced right here at the foot of the mountain. Its meat is very tender, and it is great when grilled at the moment.

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  • Uradome Coast

    The Uradome coast boasts a wide variety of activities, food, and entertainment. Marvel at the breathtaking coastal landscape with its ragged rock formations, bathe in the clear blue waters of the Sea of Japan, and enjoy locally caught seafood like the Matsuba crab and oysters from Ajiro Fishing Port.

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  • Tottori City

    The Tottori Prefecture has a long history in producing meat and it is said to be the origin of the Japanese dish shabu-shabu. Olein 55 is a new brand of wagyu beef produced here, famous for containing more than 55% of oleic acid. This gives the meat a characteristic melt-in-your-mouth texture that you won't forget.

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