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Live Like a Local

Let the People of San'in Show You the Wonders of This Land

One of the best things that you can do on a trip is to experience the everyday life of the locals. Try San'in food, walk the streets, visit the shrines, and learn to have fun and relax like they do. The people of San'in are still deeply involved in tradition and are happy to share their roots.

Discover a More Authentic Everyday Japan

Join hungry workers as they silently consume a bowl of gyukotsu ramen in a tiny restaurant in Tottori. Be treated to a cup of green tea when hosted by a citizen of Matsue. Bathe with chatty old residents in the spartan and ancient hot springs of Yunotsu.

In many of the smaller towns of San'in you'll find many opportunities to talk and share stories with the locals. You might enter a shop “just to take a look”, and before you know it, you're offered coffee and sweets by the owner who will be keen to share their stories and listen to yours.

Where to Visit

  • Sakaiminato

    This nostalgic port town is dotted with childhood memories for Japanese people. Stroll through Mizuki Shigeru Road and discover the world of GeGeGe no Kitaro, a popular manga series from the sixties featuring yokai (Japanese folklore creatures). Don't forget to eat like a local with some gyukotsu ramen, the soul food of Tottori Prefecture.

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  • Hamada

    Japanese people love to enjoy simple things. Such experiences are found in Hamada, a lively port town in western Shimane Prefecture. Here you can enjoy fruit picking in a farm, scenic hiking trails and all kinds of outdoor activities. By the sea, a natural cave that leads to a secret beach will bring out the adventurer in you. Hamada is also home to an aquarium, a seaside park and the ruins of the Hamada Castle.

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  • Omori Street

    In the Iwami Ginzan area you'll find an interesting piece of Japanese history as well as one of Japan's prettiest townscapes. Omori Street is lined with ancient traditional residences, many of which have been turned into museums or restored to host shops and cafes. Soak up the history and culture of this great, nostalgic area.

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  • Wakasa Railway

    The retro-looking Wakasa Railway is a local train connecting the stations of Wakasa and Koge. Only 19.2 kilometers long, it started operation in 1930 and retains a nostalgic atmosphere emphasized by the wooden station building of Wakasa station. You can also experience operating a steam locomotive.

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