Secret San'in

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96 Hours Route

3 nights, 4 days

Explore the Fascinating Arts and Culture of the San'in Region

Follow this recommended 4-day plan to discover the San'in region's craftsmanship, cuisine, traditional and modern art, as well as cultural highlights. You'll travel all the way from Tottori Prefecture on the eastern side to Shimane Prefecture in western San'in, covering a range of sightseeing spots such as The Sand Museum, the Adachi Museum of Art, and Sekishu Washi Kaikan.


Day 1

07:55 AM
Arrival at Tottori Airport
09:30 AM
Ishitani Residence
12:00 PM
Suwa Shrine
A beautiful shrine immersed in nature near the Ishitani Residence
01:00 PM
Lunch at Mitakien
03:30 PM
Suwa Shuzo
Try the local sake made with underground water from the woods
05:00 PM
Koiyamagata Station
Visit the all-pink train station that has the word “love” in its name

Day 2

08:30 AM
Wakasa Station
Ride the retro Wakasa Railway and try operating a steam locomotive
12:00 PM
Lunch around Tottori Station
Try shabu-shabu and Tottori's famous wagyu beef
01:00 PM
Uradome Coast
Gaze at the beautiful coastal landscape east of the Tottori Sand Dunes
03:30 PM
Sand Museum
04:30 PM
Tottori Sand Dunes

Day 3

08:30 AM
Tottori station
09:50 AM
Try making paper lamp shade at Aoya Washi Studio and learn the history of Inshu-paper (1300 year heritage)
11:30 AM
Taste handmade Bento (box lunch) at the Studio cafe
02:00 PM
Adachi Museum of Art
Enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden
04:30 PM
Immerse yourself in the world of daily life at Shussai-gama pottery, and select some tea cups for souvenir.

Day 4

08:00 AM
Naoe staiton
10:00 AM
Hamada station
Walk along the beautiful coastline of Japanese sea
12:00 PM
Enjoy locally cached fresh seafood at local market in Hamada city.
02:00 PM
Try making a postcard with Sekishu washi paper using a 1,300-year-old technique.
03:00 PM
Miho-Misumi Station leave for Hagi-Iwami airport, enjoying scenic views from San'in Train
05:45 PM
Leave Hagi-Iwami airport (ANA1104) for Tokyo-Haneda airport
  • 1Ishitani Residence

    Admire the beautiful craftsmanship while you walk through the 40 rooms of the Ishitani residence in the town of Chizu. This large house complex was built in the Edo Period (1603–1868) for the wealthy Ishitani family who moved to Tottori Prefecture. The house also features seven storehouses and beautiful Japanese gardens.

    Tottori Airport

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  • 2Mitakien

    Savor seasonal cuisine made from local wild plants under the exposed wooden beams of a Japanese thatched house with an open sunken hearth. Surrounded by a lush forest with clear streams and a waterfall, what a better way to enjoy nature's gifts? This is a great place to get a taste of the Japanese countryside.

    Tottori Airport

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  • 3Wakasa Railway

    The retro-looking Wakasa Railway is a local train connecting the stations of Wakasa and Koge. Only 19.2 kilometers long, it started operation in 1930 and retains a nostalgic atmosphere emphasized by the wooden station building of Wakasa station. You can also experience operating a steam locomotive.

    Tottori Airport

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  • 4Sand Museum

    The Sand Museum at the Tottori Sand Dunes is Japan's only open-air museum. The exhibits feature the works of expert sculptors who used the surrounding sand as their canvas to make ephemeral works of art. The highest level of skill is on display and the amount of detail is truly breathtaking.

    Tottori Airport

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  • 5Aoya Washi Studio

    Learn the craft of paper making as it was done since the year 610. The Aoya Washi Studio has guests try their hand at the ancient technique brought to Japan by a Buddhist monk from South Korea. While here, learn all about Japan's washi paper from its history to how it is used in modern life.

    Tottori Airport

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  • 6Adachi Museum of Art

    Gaze at the masterpieces of modern Japanese paintings at the Adachi Museum of Art. Take a stroll through the meticulously kept garden and sit back with tea and sweets from one of the various cafés. With free, direct shuttle buses, it's easy to access, and is one stop you can't miss.

    Yonago Airport

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  • 7Shussai Gama Kiln

    Founded by five young craftsmen in 1947, the Shussai Gama Kiln in Izumo city produces simple and functional ceramic wares following a philosophy that emphasizes collaboration. Visitors can watch the potters at work and purchase handmade items at the nearby shop.

    Yonago Airport

  • 8Hamada

    Japanese people love to enjoy simple things. Such experiences are found in Hamada, a lively port town in western Shimane Prefecture. Here you can enjoy fruit picking in a farm, scenic hiking trails and all kinds of outdoor activities. By the sea, a natural cave that leads to a secret beach will bring out the adventurer in you. Hamada is also home to an aquarium, a seaside park and the ruins of the Hamada Castle.

    Hagi-Iwami Airport

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  • 9Sekishu Washi Kaikan

    Try your hand at making Sekishu washi paper using a 1,300-year-old technique. This facility in Hamada city was created with the aim of preserving the traditional technique of Sekishu washi paper-making by training a new generation of craftsmen. Here you will learn about the making process and you can also try making your own washi paper. The facility includes a shop and exhibits where you can see how the paper is used to make impressive Kagura costumes.

    Hagi-Iwami Airport

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Route Guide

Route Guide;

To get from Tottori Airport to the Ishitani Residence, take the Tottori-Airport Limousine Bus to Tottori Station (4 stops, 20 minutes). Then take the JR Super Hakuto #14. Make sure to take the express train and get off at the second stop at Chizu Station (27 minutes). Walk 11 minutes to Ishitani Residence. The Suwa Shrine is about a 15-minute walk from the Ishitani Residence.

Take a taxi from the Ishitani Residence to Mitakien (20 minutes), and another taxi from Mitakien to Suwa Shuzo (20 minutes). To get to Koiyamagata Station, walk about 11 minutes to Chizu Station and take the Chizukyuko Line bound for Kamigori to the next stop (6 minute).

To get to Wakasa Station from Koiyamagata Station, Take the Chizukyuko Line back to Chizu Station (6 minutes), then the Imbi Line to Koge Station (31 minutes). From here you can board the famous Wakasa Railway all the way to Wakasa Station (31 minutes).

From Wakasa Railway take the Wakasa Tetsudo local train to Tottori Station (11 stops, 47 minutes). To get to the Uradome Coast from Tottori Station, take the Iwai Line bus to the Uradome Bus Stop (50 minutes). Walk about 7 minutes to the Uradome Coast.

To get to the Sand Museum, walk back to the Uradome Bus Stop and take the Iwai Line bus to the Sakyuhigashiguchi Bus Stop (25 minutes). The Sand Dunes are a short walk from the Sand Museum.

From Tottori Station to Aoya Washi studio, take the San'in line to Aoya Station (60 minutes) and a local bus (15 minutes).

To get to the Adachi Art Museum, take the San'in line from Aoya Station to Yasugi Station (60 minutes). There's a shuttle bus from the station (30 minutes). From the Adachi Art Museum to Shussai Gama it's a 50-minute drive by rental car.

To get to Hamada from Naoe Station, take the Akua liner train on the San'in line (about 100 minutes).

From Hamada Station to Sekishu-washi Kaikan, take the Sanin line (26 minutes) to Miho-misumi Station and the a 5-minute taxi ride. From Miho-misumi Station to Hagi-Iwami airport, take the San'in line to Masuda Station, get on the Iwami airport bus line (330 yen) from Masuda Station. The bus is irregular so taxi is also an option.

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