Recommended Travel Plan

Mountain Resort (Highest Peak in Hokkaido:Travel to enjoy nature in Mt. Taisetsu) 4 days

Mt.Taisetsu Asahidake is also called "Roof of Hokkaido." You can climb near the area of Sugatami-no-ike Pond by a ropeway and appreciate alpine plants with a guide and could watch wild animals such as Eurasian red squirrels. This is a recommendable sport for beginner mountain-climbers. Ueno Garden is said that it is the garden we see in picture books, and many lovers of garden from home and abroad visit there. Our heart is comforted by flowers blooming in every season. Places where you can enjoy flying a glider and kayaking are scattered, which is suitable for people who would like to spend time staying active.

  • "⇒" indicates the route.
Day 1: Sapporo⇒Sunagawa Sweet RoadTakikawa Sky Park (flying a glider)⇒Asahikawa
Day 2: Asahikawa⇒Ueno Farm⇒Asahikawa Ramen VillageAsahiyama Zoo⇒Asahidake Onsen
Day 3: Asahidake Onsen⇒Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway (nature observation trekking / Sugatami-no-ike Pond)⇒Asahidake Onsen
Day 4: Asahidake Onsen ⇒ Daisetsuzan Asahidake Gensui ⇒ Tenninkyo Canyon (Hagoromo Waterfall) ⇒ Chubetsu Lake (Kayak) ⇒ Asahikawa Airport


Sunagawa Sweet Road

Sunagawa has prospered as an important point for traffic since olden days, and its confections that used to relieve the fatigue of coalminers who worked at nearby collieries have been loved by many people. The area along Route 12 that runs north-south through the city may be little known, but is a hotspot for sweets. There are 19 shops, including Western and Japanese confection stores, bakeries and gelato shops. Various sweets using Hokkaido’s local ingredients can be enjoyed in these shops, including a long-established shop that has been in business for more than 100 years, a shop known nationwide and a fashionable café. It is also recommended to takeout some sweets and enjoy them while seeing a superb view.


Takikawa Sky Park (flying a glider)

This is Japan’s first full-fledged aviation park, which is an airport that can also be enjoyed as a park. The extensive 50-ha park, which has a walking trail, a museum that displays gliders that are currently in use and a café, is popular among families who want to see glider flights while playing in the park. Visitors can also experience flying a glider, and enjoy overlooking the extensive land of Hokkaido from 500 meters high in the air. Feel free to contact the park in the flight season between mid-April and mid-November, as it operates almost every day (except for some Wednesdays) during the season.


Asahikawa Ramen Village

This village of ramen noodles opened in 1996 to make Asahikawa’s ramen culture known to a wide public. Eight popular local ramen restaurants stand side by side serving Asahikawa ramen of various tastes. Small-size ramen of each restaurant is available to allow customers to compare the tastes of different ones. Also with the Ramen Village Shrine for matchmaking, a souvenir/gift shop and photo spots, the Ramen Village is a popular tourist destination.


Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo is popular for its “behavioral exhibition” that shows the lively behavior of animals. Animals, such as penguins swimming as if they are flying in the sky, polar bears that make dynamic leaps into the pool and orangutans walking in the air (swinging and crossing a towering rope bridge over visitors’ heads), are exhibited in a near-natural state to allow visitors to see their natural behavior. As “mogumogu time,” when visitors can watch animals eat up close while listening to the guidance by a zoo attendant, is another feature that should not be missed, visitors are advised to check the timetable in advance.


Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway (nature observation trekking / Sugatami-no-ike Pond)

Mt. Asahidake, which is the highest peak of the Daisetsu Mountain Range that is located almost at the center of Hokkaido and is known as the "Roof of Hokkaido", is a beautiful mountain that has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. Visitors can go up to 1,600 m above sea level on a ropeway, while enjoying a “walk in the air” overlooking magnificent scenery. The trekking course starting from the Sugatami terminal station is also popular. The Sugatami-no-ike pond tour course is an easy course even for beginners. Pretty alpine plants and wild animals, such as Siberian chipmunks, can be observed from the course, and the exquisite view of Asahidake reflected upside down on the surface of the pond is a must-see.